I bought many books from Weisman Publications from 2003 to 2015. I now have some in PDF (listed below) and i have a few hard copies left, but most of the other’s I gave away or loaned out and never got back.
I’d really like to have some original copies again.
Please email me if you have any PDF’s you can forward or any books you’re willing to sell.

“Weisman Publications is an independent publisher, bookseller, and researcher featuring books and pamphlets on pertinent topics for the times we live in. We offer material on historical facts concealed by the educational system, controversial issues suppressed by corrupt politics, forgotten legal rights, insights to our heritage and culture, Scriptural truths that have been corrupted by mainline churches, etc.  Our aim is to help you seek out the truth and find information in such areas without relying on establishment sources.”  

His website’s HomePage was HERE

Weisman Publications
P.O. Box 240844
Apple Valley, Minn.  55124
(612) 559-9144

RIP – Charles A Weisman – Oct 11, 2016

The following are “archived” links to his old website where you’ll see the books he was selling and bellow that are titles I’d like to obtain to scan and post on this site to share with others. Click on books/titles to download. As more become available, I’ll create a seperate page on this site once i have more PDF’s to share.

Links to old site: Bible Studies and Theology , Rights & Government , Law & Legal Reference , Money and Taxes , America & History , Heritage And Israel Identity , Health & Survival , Racial Issues , Jewish Issues , Miscellaneous Topics , Limited Quantity Books , New Additions 2016

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Thank you for your support


Other Titles/Books I seek

The Right to Travel , Maxims of Law , Life Liberty & Property , Taxes: A Moral Issue , Black Salve: An Herbal Cancer Treatment , TRAFFIC TICKET MANUAL , Laws and Principles of Marriage , The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the United States , A Handbook of Bible Law , The Unconstitutionality of the 14th Amendment , Facts & Fictions on Noah’s Flood , The Mint and Coinage Acts , The Bible Devil and Satan Defined , The Didache – An Ancient Christian Manuscript , THE SACRED NAMES ISSUE , Salvation and Eternal Life , The Kingdom of God , The Christian and Civil Government , WE  ARE  NOT  UNDER   THE  LAW (Romans 6:14, et.al.) , Christian Duty Under Corrupt Government – A Revolutionary Commentary on Romans 13:1-7  , The Sabbath and the Lord’s day , Not of One Blood

Here’s a book list on Amazon