A Treatise on Arrests and False Imprisonment

This is a must read for for Everyone . . no exception. To not know this info, is to Not Know Your Right to the Quiet Enjoyment of Life.

It Is Inevitable . . . like a Tornado in Tornado Ally.

. . sooner or later, some @ssh()les wearing a badge who’s NEVER studied law, nor read the CODES / STATUTES he’s blindly enforcing as a POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICER of a Corporation with a Dunn and Bradstreet # which is Publicly Traded, will confront You about Your Rights as a creation of the Almighty Self Existing One . . and you will either sink or swim because of this info.

You can print this PDF (missing page 67) and mail it to anyone in jail or prison by simple registered mail with the words

LEGAL / Lawful / Confidential

boldly written in

RED Sharpie

across the envelope, and THEY will have to not only deliver it, but they will have to open it in the presence of the recipient. I believe, from experience, that THEY are not allowed to review any content except to check for contraband.

A Treatise on Arrests and False Imprisonment

Sadly – page 67 is missing from this copy . . and i don’t know Who i Loaned My Copy to, but Charles Weisman passed away a couple years ago and i’d really like my book back if anyone here has it.

I would also recommend “Authority of Law” by the same author. If you find a PDF copy of it, please forward it to me at Greyursk@gmail.com