2nd Amendment, the Committees of Safety and Constitutional Homeland Security

The United States of America was birthed by the 1777 Articles of Confederation and was made “a more perfect union” of Independent Nation States by the Constitution.
Those  “Independent Countries” know as “the several States” were, are and continue to be Republics i.e. . . always have been, always will be . . unlike a Democracy which is more Socialistic in that it does not respect individual Rights nor the rule of law as described in the The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America (Clause 2)


These natural and self-evident Rights require to be maintained by way of freedom of speech and of the press, and if need be, of Redress ( 😦 . . now almost Void) , which will most certainly piss off the tyrants that oppress You. However, the foundation of those  3 enumerated Rights above is the Right of Conscience (freedom of Religion) as found in Article 4 of the NH Bill of Rights AND in Jeremiah 31: 32 -34  These Rights make up the “1st Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America.

Your conscience is WHY you even bother to speak up at all . . . to express what YOU believe to be right and wrong, in accord to Your Conscience, which is that law spoken of in Jeremiah and laid on your heart as God’s will for Your life . . that is why we must be careful not to judge a man that has caused harm to no one [no MENS REA, no Corpus Delecti].

. . speaking YOUR conscience in a corrupt environment is likely to get you killed by those with different plans for Your future, and THAT is why WE need the full freedom and flexibility expressed in the 2nd amendment to the United States Bill of Rights as well as in Article 2 of the New~Hampshire Bill of Rights.

How are we to defend our Rights to Conscience without proper Arms?
I agree, support and stand with the III% . . but there’s so much more that needs to be secured besides the 2nd Amendment.



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Unfortunately, most people focus on only the 2nd Amendment and pay little or no attention to the others, like the 3rd Amendment which keeps “Big Brother” out of your living room.

. . and the 9th Amendment which secures ALL Pre-Constitutional Rights such as the Right to face Your Accuser or to settle a

matter privately prior to Court, neither of which are mentioned anywhere in the Bill of Rights.

. . and what of Your Right to an impartial Jury of YOUR PEERS in accord with the Statute of Staples of 1353 . . where did that disappear to? . . i don’t know, but it is secured by the 9th Amendment.

. . . . and did you realize the “Consent of the Governed” is what Jury Nullification is all about?  . . . that Right is also secured by the 9th Amendment cuz it’s Pre-Constitutional.

The 2nd Amendment stands not alone to secure your Rights, as this “Right to bear Arms” ALSO pre-dates the Constitution and is also thus secured by the 9th amendment . . as is the right to associate with like minded people called a Militia who just so happened to have better Arms than their Government in 1776.

I could go on for hours about this stuff, but why bother, most people are only interested in the 2nd Amendment and dancing with the stars . . they don’t study shit and can’t be bothered with too big a dose of reallity cuz they’d never have time for those weekend hunting and fishing trips . . . and you wonder why women have so little respect left for the “men” in your society?

“men” who’ve never even heard of the Committees of Safety or the Committees of Correspondence . . it’s truly sad that the public education system has stripped so much history from existence . .

I agree it takes a lot of persistence and dedication to learn all that is important for the maintenance of freedom and liberty . . but when do you plan to start?

Committees of Correspondence Proceedings

I use my freedom of speech/press here as well as on other sites 
I hope you do the same, for Your Rights will become weaker and weaker if they are not exercised. 

Anyway, enough rambling from me, i just needed to air out when I saw the image below posted on Facebook and realized how little folks knew, if they didn’t even know the second amendment was actually written in the summer of 1789 – thirteen years after the unanimous Declaration.