About Free The People AK!

Join “Free The People!” with Chris, Maria & Bill coming to you from the “Great Land” on Wednesdays, and learn to let go of fear and learn how to live a life in true freedom under the law of the land . . . our common law;

The shows are organized as to build on each other for learning practical solutions to common problems, by folks with lots of local flavor who walk the talk in Alaska;

Their new show will broadcast after this debut show


Talkshoe ID 3035044

a companion to the online and hard-copy newspaper


Join us for their first Episode

Episode 182
on October 31st

~    How to Live without ‘Plates and Licenses’    ~

Join Bill & Maria and Chris for a community Q & A

Wednesdays at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain

6pm Pacific and 5pm Alaska time

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Bill & Maria and Chris are launching their own Talkshoe


Free The People!

I’ll post their Talkshoe ID here after the call

so check back tonight

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To call into a Live Community Q & A:

1) Dial (605) 562-0444
2) enter Call ID:  94-023-87 #
3) enter 1 #  and join as guest


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