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Course of Events: Scenario 1- Withholding

It was in 2008 that I started to embark on a quest to learn how the income tax scheme operated. 2008 was also the year the country would seek to elect it’s new president. During the presidential elections, I was living in Pennsylvania (non native). I was not predisposed towards any candidate. So I decided to start my research at Ron Paul, a presidential candidate at the time. I jumped on the internet and came across a website that supported him. As I scanned through the site, there was an advertisement for a book on taxation on the right margin down near the bottom of the page called ‘Cracking the Code-the Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America’ by Peter Hendrickson. My curiosity got lit up. I purchased that book and read it a couple of times. I ended up doing some things that were suggested in the book regarding federal income taxes. I will explain in subsequent course of events what I experienced from my dealings with the notorious IRS and state tax agency.

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Prior to all of this, I was quite ignorant on the tax scheme. The idea of taxation started to bother me. But I didn’t know how to put my finger on exactly why it bothered me. Where I was in Pennsylvania they taxed you to work in the city, extra tax called Earned Income Tax along with the traditional State and Federal income taxes and many others. I became insatiable in my desire to learn why this was. So I started my research on the greatest library known to man, the internet. And found a wonderfully informative site called famguardian.org. After spending copious amounts of time on that site, I learned a tremendous amount of information regarding income taxes and the insidious ways Govt’ Inc taxed.

I then became interested on studying the law(s) regarding withholding or what authority an Employer had to withhold earnings from a workers pay. When I felt comfortable in what I learned, I then became compelled to get the Employer I worked for at that time to stop withholding from my paycheck. I wrote him a few letters and also sent him a 26 page affidavit presenting the law on withholding. I also sent Paychex Payroll Service a letter. They skirted the whole issue, denied any responsibility. My Ex Employer said he spoke to his lawyer and told me I was making a big mistake. I asked him what specifically was the mistake (no answer). So I asked for his lawyer’s contact info to ask the lawyer myself what the mistake was. I never got the contact info. He also had 3 accountants working for him. None of them approached me to talk about it and show me proof of my error(s). Since then my belief has become more refined as I learned more.

See attached pdf’s of the chronology of what I did and experienced.

w8ben with Affidavit

employer letter #1

employer letter #2

withholding questions

w-0 fed privact

Everything I tried to do was met with resistance (of course). This went on for about a year or so and no lawful response was given. Eventually things came to head. It was Oct 31st 2009. I was called into the boss’ office and questioned about a letter he received from the Socialist Security Administration regarding wages as it pertained to me. I told him that I did not have any knowledge of the contents of that letter. I did send correspondence to the SSA regarding the number I was issued as a wee little youngster and sent back the SS card some months prior (to no avail from SSA).


ssa claim & revocation alt

ssa response to my affidavit

my response to ssa

I was then given an option to be dealt with as an independent contractor. I told him no good. Because it still required a fraudulent status and reporting. Because like all of us who are indoctrinated by such perpetrated fraud, he was deceptively under fear of ‘government’ scrutiny if he didn’t do the status quo regardless of the rule of law. And because he couldn’t care to study the issue and a paradigm shift was required. So he didn’t know what to do next. I asked him if he read the affidavit that I gave him a year or so prior. He admitted he did not. I told him that it had the necessary information regarding the laws (actually statutes) on Withholding.

At that point, I tried to simply illustrate what he was doing was wrong. Because I worked as a store clerk that handled cash, I asked my boss how he would feel if I took cash out of his register and gave it to his customers for no valid reason without his consent. He responded that he would not like that. I said that is what you are doing with my earnings?

I then immediately stood up and walked out without any notice. Because I could no longer endure the fraud being perpetrated on me and the rule of law ignored. He had over a year to deal with it. I ended up walking away from that job not knowing what I was to do next. I could not work for another Employer because all Corporations do the same thing. Require a worker to submit a Socialist Security Number, fill out an I-9 form, W-4 form, and file a W-2 to report what they pay. Or W-9 form (independent contractor [1099 form for reporting]). Because I no longer believed in that system, my options for work became extremely limited. 2 months later I started my own corporate-less business. I never looked back.

Observation on the voluntary nature of withholding. On my 2008 W-2 it says ‘voluntary payroll adjustments’, VOLUNTARY ADJUSTMENTS. My 2009 W-2 those statements were removed. Hmm… interesting. It seemed some obfuscation going on.

2008 w-2

2009 w-2

(Click on red links for more detailed information). Since then my understanding has grown. Today I might have gone about it differently. So I am not dogmatic about everything in those records. I am not giving advice at how to do a particular process. It is what a learned and did at that time. Proceed at your own risk.