Meet John Myser

I first met John in early 2015 before i moved to Minnesota where i finally had a chance to meet John “in Person”, man to man, face to face. John’s become a close and trusted friend. We often discuss health and law as well as internal Peace. 

The Power of Public Comment


John and I were both scarred by our family court battles in search of reasonable parenting time and we’ve both watched the Courts liquidate the lives of countless numbers of both men and women under the guise of “Best Interest of the Child” for the State’s benefit of Title IV:(d) federal funding.

We share a common message, to expose the Courts perverted efforts to “ignore the law, and to proceed” against man and his Creator-endowed stewardship/property rights.

To that end, John has diligently pursued Due Process owed to a man in an effort to expose the fraud of all types of courts.

John diligently uses “Public Comments” to expose the pretentious jurisdictions over man and his property. 

Over the years, I’ve watched John develop this unique approach through the Scott County Commissioner’s Meetings as he has called out one elected official after another in his efforts to clean up the world around him.

~ Gus

Are you “Correcting Your Status?”

To What?

Here’s John with the folks in Alaska
on Episodes 196 & 197 on
Original Sin vs. Sin of Origin

. . and a few other things you should consider
Before You “correct your status”


Below are the Cued-up County Commissioners videos where John has excercised his free speech to call out corruption and fraud on County’s Public Access Channel

The Power of Public Comment:

These County Commissioners meetings are a matter of Public Record – forever

They are typically broadcast on the Counties Public Access channel and will loop thru several times a week until the next hearing is record and begins a new loop.

As of 2016, there were 3,007 counties, 64 parishes, 19 organized boroughs, 10 census areas, 41 independent cities, and the District of Columbia for a total of 3,142 counties and county-equivalents in the 50 states and District of Columbia.

How much faster would things change in Your world if we showed up at those monthly meetings to make public comments like the ones John makes in the videos below?

The following (cued up)“5 min video clips” of John’s “public comments” to the Scott County Commissioners.

Slide 1 mod

~           ~           ~

Scott County Board of Commissioners: April 21, 2020

John gives Notice of the Fraud and seeks the Counties Liability Policy


Scott County Board of Commissioners: March 17, 2020

This 5 minute clip address:

1)  The Lack of Proof viruses exist, and,

2)  Illegal Suspensions of  Minnesota Driver’s Licences


Scott County Board of Commissioners: February 4th, 2020

Untitled-1 copy


Scott County Board of Commissioners: January 21, 2020


Scott County Board of Commissioners: January 7, 2020 


Here it is !!!

Transcript of December 18, 2019 hearing
on John’s 3rd offence of
Driving without a Licence

This transcript shows the Judge telling John,
To His Face, In Court, On The Record,
That she is finding him guilty of
Failure To Appear at that same Hearing


Scott County Board of Commissioners: December 17, 2019
one of my favorites as i sat one chair away from the Sheriff 🙂
(re: Summary, Court Invite to County Prosecutor)


Scott County Community Health Board and County Board November 5, 2019
(re: Drivers License Application – 75 days in jail – Person)


(Oath – pamela green – 751 days – Public Law 97-280 Bible is Word of God
– I am not a person )
Scott County Board of Commissioners: April 16, 2019


(Oath -Time period prescribed)
Scott County Board of Commissioners: February 5, 2019


(What is the time period prescribed to take an Oath? )
Scott County Board of Commissioners: January 8, 2019


(tax statement – must i “appear” in person to challenge)
(County Prosecutor Ron Hocevar “I will speak to you in District court”)
Scott County Board Meeting: May 15, 2018


Donald E Miller
Scott County Board Meeting: April 17, 2018


John did not speak at this next one, however . . LOL . . listen to the first 6 seconds of the video and here the “chair” whisper “John Myser is here”
to Commissioner Breke,
who then responds with “Noooooo” 🙂 . . lol
Scott County Board meeting: April 3, 2018


Tyler speaks – John explains Sin of Origin
Scott County Board Meeting: March 20, 2018


Board Chairman comments on previous meeting regarding interaction with County Prosecutor Ron Hocevar
Scott County Board Meeting: October 17, 2017


Click Here to listen or download (Episodes 196 and 197) John’s message to the folks in Alaska in Oct 2019 with regard to “Original Sin vs. Sin of Origin”


Christmas 2010

Making Lefse Dec 2019

Making Lefse December 2019




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