Steven Charles Hance

Steven was my best friend and mentor. A man of incredible integrity, honor and insight.
Steven passed on to a better place January 3rd 2022 – rest in Peace brother.

We became friends in early 2011 while working on the Union States Project.
We later worked together weekly for about 7 months on The All States Organic Initiative which we hoped would be useful for calling out bad actors in government via quo warranto.

This page exists that you may better know my wonderful friend, the man who always made time for me to air out new thoughts and who consistently challenged my perspectives.

Here’s a recording of Steven (Episode 198) talking to some friends of ours in Alaska.

Please also enjoy his Critical Thinking series, given to me to share with y’all. 
– Gus

Critical Thinking – A Primer

Critical Thinking: Who is Who?

Critical Thinking – Status v. Standing

Critical Thinking – Federalism Exposed

Critical Thinking – States or Companies

Critical Thinking – Jural Assemblies Anna’s Confusion

 “Dominion and Authority

I miss you Steven
– – – – 



Steven’s Obituary

People are really waking up.
It’s finally happening my friend.
I wish you were here to see it.

Steven was good friends with and learned much from his mentor LeRoy Michael Schweitzer
Click HERE to learn more about Leroy.