Steven Charles Hance

Steven is a trusted long time friend. He has shared much me about his life’s experiences since we became friends in 2011 while working on the Union States Project together. We later worked together for several months on The All States Organic Initiative which was intended to call out bad actors in government via quo warranto.

This page exists that you may better know this wonderful man who has always made time for me to air out new thoughts and has consistently challenged my perspectives with thought provoking questions like those found in his Critical Thinking series.

Critical Thinking – A Primer
Critical Thinking: Who is Who?
Critical Thinking – Status v. Standing
Critical Thinking – Federalism Exposed
Critical Thinking – States or Companies
Critical Thinking – Jural Assemblies Anna’s Confusion

and “Dominion and Authority


Steven was good friends with and learned much from LeRoy Michael Schweitzer
Click HERE to learn more about Leroy.