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These pages contain no thing more than the Beliefs ‘i’ hold at this time about the law common to “man”; beliefs ‘i’ do update as time allows; enjoy this site freely and if you like what you learn here, then please click the PayPal link at the top left and leave me a cup of coffee while you entertain yourself with the rest of the site.




anything within these pages as being


West Virginia State Bd. of Educ. v. Barnette [319 U.S. 642]

“If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion, or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein. If there are any circumstances which permit an exception, they do not now occur to us.” 


Punctuation Saves Lives

Learning the underlying doctrines of real law is a lifestyle that will serve you for the rest of your days . . it is not an easy fix for your current issue so you can get back to your “Monday Night Football” or “Dancing with the Stars”.

If you seek silver bullets, magic words or secret potions (templates) . . you might as we’ll pack it up and leave now, cuz if you’re not willing to implement a change of attitude (lifestyle), sticking around will only frustrate you and the people that are willing to help you.

Technical knowledge (brain) is only about 7% of what makes up the foundation of the common law way of life you seek to implement, attitude (heart) makes up about 25%, and the rest is based on intuition (gut) which you will quickly learn to trust and develop based on your perceptions of right and wrong, so it is safe to say that you better learn pretty quickly how to follow your gut instead of your heart or your head.

~            ~            ~

The following is the short list of things to do to get a glimpse of the world you believe Your “self” to be in;

~            ~            ~

First, go to Craig Lynch’s YouTube Channel and begin to listen to all that interests you.

~            ~            ~

Second, connect through Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp groups with folks who seek the same knowledge and wisdom you seek. There are dozen’s of these groups and many focus on specific subjects like traffic or property tax issue etc . . .

~            ~            ~

Third, read “English Common Law in the early American Colonies” (specifically Chapter IV – Summary) to understand how the New England settlers molded a New common law system based on their beliefs, and how they otherwise abandoned the technical system of the English Common Law.

IRS June 27 2014 054

~            ~            ~

Fourth, learn the difference between English words found in an English Dictionary and “LEGALESE” terms found in a dictionary of legal “terms and phrases” . . They both look like English, but legalese is actually a copy-written foreign language that only a “person” with a license to practice “law” has the authority to use. ‘i’ further believe man can only be held accountable to laws written in the common language he understands and that only Person’s with the knowledge of and authority to use legalese can be held accountable to CODES, STATUTES, ORDINANCES etc…

Example: Law is black and white = “Thou shalt not murder

Code/Statute is the gray area created by attorney’s to allow the most amount of controversy possible giving said attorney’s as many ways to earn a living as possible. THEY take the 4 words of black and white law above and twist it into every imaginable contortion they can so that even THEY argue about what it all means while YOU pay THEM to watch the show.

To better understand why lawyers were tarred and feathered in colonial days, read that red book above.

~            ~            ~

Fifth, learn the history and true meaning of the words you use as well as punctuation or you will never know how to write like a “[wo]man” nor will you ever know what is really going on around you.

For example, click on the following words to see if you know their history, what these words really mean and the difference between their use as a verb, noun, adjective, pronoun etc… claim, nice, argue, smart, require, trespass, wrong

Learn the difference between using ALL UPPER CASE, all lower case and Mixed Formats . . Are you before Court, at court or in COURT ?

Learn what a PERSON is and read about this most important concept for man to acquire knowledge of if he is ever to be free.

Learn the difference between “man” and person…. then learn the difference between the nature, character and the reputation of each and you be well on your way to a new perspective.

Compare the following until you can teach the difference to another man.

words vs. terms (Webster’s vs. Black’s)
claim vs. complaint
require vs. request
man aggrieved vs. petitioner, claimant
notice vs. motion, pleading, petition
interfere vs. interference
wrongdoer vs. defendant, respondent

~              ~              ~

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21 thoughts on “About R4D”

  1. Thank you for the information sir. i am grateful for your help.

  2. I second that, love all of this

  3. i, am thankful.

  4. Richie (in London) said:

    Superb Gus! Great website. Really helpful with great info. Many thanks.

  5. god bless Gus Brenton and my dearest Brother Karl Lentz and yes my sister Angela Stark all are in my prayers daily, keep the faith, your sister Aquila

  6. Learninglaw said:

    Just want to say you are doing a great job, on your site and talkshoe calls;keep it up and don’t loose your faith as it seems so easy to do for so many; g0dbless and g0dspeed;

  7. Almightyzen said:

    Very clear website, easy to use and tremendous information. Well done.

  8. lee parker said:

    Can I make a claim against the Child support agency for loss of earning because they took money out of my wages via court order,or what is the best way about this?

  9. grate source of the only information all can and will learn to trust, your sister in christ jesus aquila

  10. Gary Harwood said:

    Hello Gus,
    fantastic website. Been listening to Karl for about 14 Months now , & I heard you give r4d address to another man .

    Gave it a try, thumbs up. 😃😃
    I have been interested in letter writing, but still struggling with grammar, punctuation etc.
    The Question I am asking is “would the common man have been educated enough to know when to use the correct grammar or punctuation.?

  11. Marlin McKee said:

    greetings Gus,
    I have been listening to word nerds 55 and would like to mention the organic law found in the united states code. I have listened to all of Karl’s stuff and most of yours and the organic law has never been mentioned. It does tie our God given rights to the law of the USA.
    You are doing a great job. Thank you,

  12. I know you use or have used MMS Gus . Have you heard of this case ? the mans name is daniel and he has been educating and selling people MMS for over 10 years. For 10 years the men and women who work for the FDA has been after him. He even fled the country to get away from the harassment. Well they have arrested him and convicted him on 5 of 6 counts. He is being held for 6 months until sentencing and faces 36 years in prison for selling MMS ?? here is the information. Maybe you or karl can help this man ? It’s disgusting what they have and are doing to this man and his family (property).


  13. MMS on trial

  14. Quatloos lawyers are filing RipOff reports on you and Karl. I guess you are cutting into their bottom line too much. http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Karl-Lentz-and-Gus-Breton/New-Hampshire/Karl-Lentz-and-Gus-Breton-Legal-Help-or-Ripoff-New-Hampshire-1225968

  15. Benny Lascano of CA said:

    Tried to donate,no success, please reply with instructions, You mentioned Pay Pal ability? When is it ready?
    This is Benny

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