about Karl “for proffit” Lentz

Herein are the lies told and admitted to by Karl “for profit” Lentz

and the evidence thereof


We all did and continue to learn great and valuable info that actually does work from Karl and his Talkshoe Archives and I would never attempt to diminish THAT, but ‘i’ can’t go on with a clear conscience supporting any type of BS lies he tells for PROFIT while he continues to cry poverty, all the while traveling up and down the East Coast collecting antique cars.

Chris Hall x

My beef with KARL LENTZ is mainly with his mode of operation

Yes there is plenty of proof American common law works, especially when we use the American common law elements secured by the federal and State Bill of Rights and codified within the Codes and Statutes of various State and/or Federal writings.

My “beef” with Karl is that 1) he tells everyone that laying a claim and opening your own court is “so simple it’s scary”, BUT recently admitted (April 11, 2018 at 4:48pm CST) that HE has NEVER done it himself, and 2) he takes peoples money to do it for them because They’re just be toooo dumb to figure it out on your own because After All it’s “so simple it’s scary” , and 3)  he then runs away with their money claiming “he was lied to” and that the man Karl stole from “has no integrity” and that he won’t help a man without integrity, and 4) all this from a “man” who was planning to bail out on you from the beginning because he’s NEVER done this “so simple it’s scary” “claim thing” himself.

MY “beef” is there is zero proof that Karl or anyone else has ever been able to carry a common law claim, through a ‘court of record’ by way of a ‘trial by jury’, all the way to an executable judgement . . . NOR has he EVER helped another man do so . . . NOR has He orany other man even come close to doing so.

MY “beef” is Karl repeatedly lied about having to close down “the farm” so he could go to court – – but there never was a farm, nor were there any animals, and Karl admitted THAT on April 9th, 2018

MY “beef” is Karl Rudolf Lentz claims he “wrote” a law dictionary . . . you know, like Henry Campbell Black “wrote” Black’s law dictionary – – but he did not, and admitted on April 9th, 2018 that he never did.

MY biggest “beef” with Karl is his willingness to rip people off and to promote himself as such a wonderful and trustworthy guy. ‘i’ did believe in Karl and did give Karl adequate time to prove himself to me and to others (5 years now) and to become that wonderful guy that actually does help people out with good intent, yet he remains a selfish prick within an insatiable appetite for self aggrandizement at the cost of everyone else’s Peace and THAT is the BS that ‘i”ve had enough of.

Unfortunately for me,  ‘i’ did to a great degree, help Karl with many things to promote him because ‘i’ did once believe in him . . . and then ‘i’ was in denial . . . and eventually i was ashamed I had any part in the pain his Con Job had on people . . but ‘i’ did and continue to believe there’s much to learn from his Talkshoe archives . . . but i could not in clear conscience continue to let this charade go on at the expense it has had on so many peoples lives, and thus, I have finally spoken out simply because i have a duty to mankind do so before i move on with my life.

Please be safe and stay the hell away from anything to do with filing “common law claims” until SOMEBODY figures out how to do it and do it with consistency. ‘i’ certainly do believe in “Common Law’ as described in “English Common Law in the early American Colonies” by Paul Samuel Reinsch. ‘i’ see much of what Karl teaches to be the self-evident and well established “doctrines” of the true American Common Law as defined in that book which ‘i’ believe is an absolute MUST READ – but ‘i’ have yet to see ANY-one carry one of these common law claims to fruition and ‘i’ refuse to promote doing these claims as a viable solution in any way until ‘i’ see at least one common law claim brought to fruition in a common law ‘court of record’ by way of a ‘trial by jury’ in accord the the above mentioned true American common law.

Why do you suppose it is that you know No One that has brought a common law claim to fruition/Judgement? It’s not because it’s impossible, it’s simply because no one, not even Karl has been able to do it YET . . but we will . . someone one will. WHY . . ? Because it’s self-evident that what Karl Teaches IS the way it should be . . the problem is that IT’s Not That Way Now and No One has done it yet.

So for Karl to say “it’s so simple it’s scary”, only causes people to be willing to fork over thou$and$ to get the only “man” that knows how to do it, to do it for you or to teach you to do it.

                            The problem is . . .  he’s never done it either . . !!!!

So to clear My Conscience  – – > > >  Notice: Fair Warning
‘i’ declare ‘i’ have no knowledge Karl has ever brought a common law clam to fruition/judgment, nor helped anyone else to do so . . and ‘i’ believe UNTIL Karl or someone else does bring one of these simple claims to judgment, by way of a ‘court of record’ and ‘trial by jury’ as described by KARL in his TALKSHOES that people should not be deceived into believing it’s so simple it’s scary  . . .  because that only leads folks to $acrifice their money, reputations and often worse . . . actual solutions that might have been more efficient, at the alter of Karl’s ever-growing EGO.


Click HERE  for proof Karl’s

never had a “”farm”” (7:01)

and never wrote a “”dictionary”” (7:08)

Gus v Karl – April 9th 2018.doc


Lexington VA

The picture above is one ‘i’ took of Karl’s “farm” in 2014.

Click HERE to see it on Google Earth
I was there on three separate occasions – for 9 weeks total

Karl was renting a house on a fenced in half acre of pasture land owned by the guy who owns the concrete plant in Lexington V.A.




Click the numbered PDF and JPG files below to view or download the April 4th WhatsApp BS 

#1 – My ”OMG” Basket of Deplorables comment   =   PDF  and  JPG

#2 – Good Bye from Karl   =   PDF  and  JPG

#3 – My short response to Karl before he went Public   =   PDF  and  JPG

#4 – After Karl posted his message to me in his WhatsApp group   =   PDF  and  JPG


Karl called out again on WhatsApp

Gus v Karl – April 9th 2018.doc

Battle 4-11 screen shots

Response to Karl is blue


April 7th 2018 – After four years of going on faith without a single thank you from you Karl – here are my 3 questions for you . . . email me your Questions for Karl and I’ll post the top 3 here

1)  On Which recording can ‘i’ find a detailed description of your relationship to the Almighty Creator of the Universe?  If none exists, why not?

2) Where can ‘i’ find proof that you or anyone you’ve helped, has brought a common law claim to fruition in a common law ‘court of record’ by way of [a] trial by jury’ ?  Where are the Case #’s and Audio recordings?

3) List 20 words in the copy of YOUR dictionary that you gave me, that you actually wrote, that are not just copy and pasted from another source.

OH . . . and for all of you confused by my current stand on common law . . . I still believe Karl’s first 20 full length Episodes are an absolute “must listen” if you wish to better understand the difference between Legalese and English; between ‘man’ and PERSONS – – you can get Karl’s and many peoples OLD Talkshoe recordings HERE . . just click on the names on the right side to download your favorites.


The Rest of the Story

‘i’ began studying “law” in 2002. Over the years, ‘i’ did research and did lay upon this and other sites, what ‘i’ did find to be “true” as well as the sources thereof.

‘i’ and have also laid herein, much of what ‘i’ believe to be self-evident

‘i’ continue to try to stick to the provable basic doctrines and self-evident truths as found in the Bible and Olde law books and ‘i’ try not to waste my time or yours on un-provable BS such as:  Cracking the Code – 3rd Edition – whereby ‘i’ did claim my kids as property both in Merrimack County Superior Court on Jan 17th, 2004 (long before Karl) and by way of published Copyright/Trademarks filed as UCC-1 statements at the NH Secretary of State’s office and the Merrimack County Recorder’s office in 2003 and 2004 for which ‘i’ was incarcerated March 22nd, 2004 on a bunch of BS charges – ‘i’ never did plea nor did ‘i’ bother to defend my “Person” from any charges from the beginning . . and right on thru to the sentencing hearing at the end . . not a word came out of my mouth – the jury never heard me – the Jury Foreman was an ex-cop from Rhode Island – LOL – what a joke.

‘i’ began listening to Karl Lentz at the end of 2013 in hopes of cleaning up that criminal record. By mid 2015,  ‘i’ realized ‘i’ wasn’t going to figure that out on my own and asked Karl to help me clean that up – ‘i’ even offered to pay him to assistance me, but he refused to help me in any way, so ‘i’ packed up and left New Hampshire to return to Minnesota where i had been in June and July.


In April 2014, ‘i’ first met Karl in New Brunswick where ‘i’ also met Jonathon and Jesse, and went to their home with Karl but was never able to get a copy of any paperwork from them or from the courts nor did Karl or Jonathon ever offer and documents for me to view.

In June 2014, while on the road with Karl, Bali called and they spoke for a bit before Karl handed me the phone so ‘i’ could talk to Bali. ‘i’ told Bali the courts would not release his paperwork to me cuz ‘i’ was not a party to his case and Bali made excuses why he was not going to get me copies of his documents or of anything else in the case despite the fact that ‘i’ told him ‘i’ was absolutely willing to pay for it AND for the transcripts AND for the recordings.

(. . . and for the record . . Karl did not help me with that 2015 gun charge. He told me to state “the person is guilty but the man does no wrong” and ‘i’ told to him THAT wasn’t going to happen . . EVER . . )

SO FAR, ‘i’ have no evidence beside my own 2015 Case, that anything Karl teaches has any positive effect on anything Court Persons do cuz Karl simply tells stories and provides NO evidence to support those stories – why has he not made public his own recordings and paper work from Court if “it’s so simple it scary” ?

He never wrote any-thing for me nor was he ever willing to look at what ‘i’ had written for that case, but he sure was willing to get on Angela’s show and direct THAT Talkshoe conversation like he’d performed a fuckin miracle, when the fact was he’d done nothing but laugh at me when ‘i’ first called him . .  asking me “how’s it feel to be the Guinea pig” . . and then a few days after Angela’s call saying he was surprised ‘i’ didn’t get an attorney for that case.

‘i’ did learn of, use, and do continue to promote the basic doctrines of law Karl did expose me to, to rid myself of that 2015 case, but ‘i’ wrote those Notices with no other man’s help and ‘i’ stood on my own to clear THAT mess up.

‘i’ do have first-hand knowledge about many things KL has fabricated out of thin air . . about me and about many, many other people (like his “Farm” stories) . . . things he told me were “his truth” as well as things ‘i’  did see with my own eyes which he later twisted to make himself sound amazing – like he did on Angela’s call with me.

My patience with Karl’s self-aggrandizement (so he can take people’s money and run) has worn too thin as ‘i’ continue to be contacted by, and get to know more and more people like myself who’ve “donated” a lot to Karl and have been left hanging high and dry – however, ‘i’ am was not willing to expose anything further because ‘i’ still believe it’s critical for people to learn what Karl teaches and ‘i’ve yet to find anyone with so much self-evident legal theory which ‘i’ myself will be forever grateful to have learned from Karl.

Unfortunately however, Karl tells many stories about things he’s never been able to back up. Folks quote him like he’s got all this provable information – – like he’s actually done something . . all because he tells such great stories  – – – – but Karl himself offers no evidence to support those stories and time has proven his inability to do so.

. . and again, what I’ve been able to prove whether from Karl or elsewhere  is on here http://www.R4D.info

So . . for the record – ‘i’ don’t work for Karl and never have – – OUR relationship was a one way street where i listened and helped him with cars and his shows and later with donations to simply thank for doing what he was doing – – cuz i used to believe he knew so much more . . . . . . . . . SO  PLEASE stop calling and emailing me to tell me you talked with Karl a few times and that he stopped accepting your calls after you made a donation to get more help.

YOU donated . . it’s a gift . . the end . . . and it’s unfortunate that your perception of what you thought you were going to get never came to fruition, but it has NO-thing to do with me.

Karl’s been a wonderful teacher and ‘i’ have fond memories of the time ‘i’ did spend with him which ‘i’ wish to retain.

Best wishes to you all in your search for redress and remedy.


Karl with Bullet the $600 constipated Cat – April 2014


Karl’s Tennessee Harley – picked up in June 2014

 Karl a

Karl and Fawkes on Hacken’s Road in Lexington Virginia July 2014


in Tennessee


I have yet to find the words to properly express my gratitude for the understanding of life Karl has given me with all his “Uncle Remus” type stories; 

All ‘i’ can say is Thanks ‘man’
. . and it’s a shame it had to come to this

Farewell Karl 



… the Dog…!!!

26 thoughts on “about Karl “for proffit” Lentz”

  1. I don’t think cps will give me my child back

  2. What time is the Saturday night call?

  3. I wonder if it is possible to ask Karl some question before his talk? I am looking to find out how to settle out of court passed court invitations I did not attend since I do not believe it is a place I need to be. I also haven’t been able to get their letter of invitation(court order) since I did not have a ID photo for the post office.
    I do not go to McDo even if they send me invitation every week to go spend my money there, I do not want to spend my money at the court room neither. 🙂
    If someone can let me know if Karl already talk about this and where i can gear his talk about it or if it is possible to ask him these questions. Thanks everyone!

  4. great website Gus.

  5. Dan Rowsey said:

    The perfect words are Hard to Find, Here is where i need to Be. 678.754.4955

  6. I would like to know how to get in contact with you via phone and ask some questions.i only have a few.

  7. I am grateful for the transparency and clarity provided in above explanation of your friendship and experience with Karl. The acknowledgment and appreciation in regards to “the good times” or benefit of this experience are proof of a balanced perspective and demonstration of grace. I have learned a lot from the both of you, but the additional compassion and generosity you, Gus, bring to the table are astonishing. It’s unfortunate that it has come to this. I wish the best for the both of you. I look forward to continue my learning in an encouraging and supportive manner.

  8. ken johnson said:


  9. simon wharton said:

    That’s beautiful gus what you have said, in love not hate. A similar thing happened in England: john harris was a voice for a group who did loads of research into how the different courts, state and Governments (policy enforces) worked, from retired detective, judges, police, members of parliament n Lords etc – BUT instead of just explaining each bit of fact for hearers to know about so they could individually choose to either apply it to their own life or not – INSTEAD, JUDGMENTS were added given by john harris and others about state local and national corruption adding “you don’t have to pay tax” or your contracted loans or mortgages you’ve taken out, etc. Many followed let john harris judgments rule them, some being arrested n losing property n family. According to my research john harris said he felt the guilt of what happened to them. From the videos of him he looks a caring family man but has since died, some are saying suicide from guilt.

    i don’t know if you know of AA or NA – how it works? i’ve seen some amazing things of some who go there – who were once living on the streets eating out of trash cans and in same soiled john clothes been wearing for years constantly drinking unable to stop as the addiction being more powerful than them – applying the program in their own life themselves and being sober for 10 20 30 40 years and more, now living a full life. One of the basic fundamentals you are told by those putting the program into action daily walking the walk is that ‘you can’t trust people/man places or things…’ and that it is ….’ of your own understanding’ you walk.

    Putting aside any judgements i could do of john harris or karl (i try not to), some of the things they have found out about and explained about the legal system and queens bench (in England) has been a big help to me in my life.The UK is not just coming out of Europe, a lot in the UK are coming out of the state partially or wholly as well, taking their property back, with the little bits of help info john, karl and others have past on, and you gus many thanks.
    simon wharton

  10. Its better to admit your a liar and not go to jail like Winston Shrout. When exposing his experiences and knowledge it does attract and educate morons that abuse this knowledge that he was sharing. His anger has been a strong motivational drive that was probably fueled the force behind his attempt to reveal what he has learned. Now his popularity has driven him into a corner where its better to back down and be quiet before he gets what Winston did. Hopefully Karl does pay his taxes as they used the same thing on Al Capone, Can’t get him with other crimes, good ole tax evasion does the trick.


  11. Ronald Portz II said:

    A man is due compensation for his labour.

    • True . . but what man should be allowed to steal from his neighbor, or worse, from those in dire need of direction. Much is, and should be expected from one who’s been given much . . especially when it cost nothing but a little time to give away. I believe it’s a trespass against mankind to withhold good solely for proffit . . or in Karls case, simply to withhold profit what he pre- tends to have

      • Karl Lentz has dedicated his life to truth and helping others. His knowledge is steeped in thousands of hours of study. So, while you were all celebrating birthdays, holidays and family get-togethers, he was reading, asking questions and creating. It is amazing that people are willing to pay lawyers an inordinate amount of money and get no results. At that point, people seek out Karl. People promise to donate money and once they win their case, they are never heard from again. Karl has repeatedly offered his time and knowledge with NO COMPENSATION. Karl invited “friend” to his home – only to have them steal from him and threaten his family. Without Karl, there would be no “you”. Karl shared his knowledge and expertise and, jealous, his “friend” turned on him. God knows the TRUTH. May he have mercy on those who falsely accuse their fellow man.

      • This is No Personal Thing
        YOU are a man with a theory,
        I am a man with first hand experience and knowledge
        . . i am at the mercy of No Man with a theory.

        If you believe any of what you’ve stated is true . . then feel free to call me during daylight hours (603-396-1092) and i’ll be happy to help you see thru that deceptive BS . . . but before you do, please feel free to get the truth about all of it from the pages herein . . . as i have witnessed the truth first hand from “Karl” (actually Carl), “Karl”s mom, “Karl”s brother and sister Kevin and Karen . . . and from many of the people he screwed and stole from.

        May the Almighty lay enough discernment on your heart to bless the remainder of your days.
        – Gus

  12. Karl’s audio messages speak for themselves.They give abundant evidence on the true power of man over fiction.

  13. Jacque Zidane said:

    To Gus Breton,
    Thank you for posting this information which serves to remind us of the truth and that there is no (wo)man alive who is without fault or sin. I am hoping that access to the DVDs of Karl’s Indiana Seminar can be made available?
    Thank you in trust.

  14. Patrick said:

    When we apply the principles of common law to the bible we see all the fiction in the paper book.
    Man was created in God’s image. So the man acting as Jesus has jurisdiction over the name Jesus and his office ( Christ ). If man believes he is a sinner than he is. If man knows he is a man then the fictional parts of the bibles salvation message does not apply to him because God does not need saving.

    Man created in God’s image could not die for sins but a man acting as a Saviour could.

    For there is one God, and one mediator of God and man, a man, Christ Jesus (1 tim. 2:5) man is mediator between man and God

  15. lol damn I just found this website from the YouTube channel Craig Lynch and already there is some kind of beef going on in the ranks. So hard to find good, reputable people and sources on these topics on top of being smeared by the shills lol.

  16. Gus,

    Great website. But, your conclusions about Karl Lentz are equally applicable to all other sovereign-type, amateur legal theorists as well. See proof below. These are a “must read”.

    Constitutional Scholar, CARL MILLER

    Former Deputy Sheriff, EDDIE CRAIG.

    Private Attorney General, ROD CLASS

    Conspiracy Whistle Blower, DEBORAH TAVARES

    • I disagree – Karl Lentz is a very “special” kind of Confidence Man . . the other folks you’ve listed sincerely believe what they teach . . nit only does Karl not believe what he preaches, but he has yet to win a case for himself using his own stuff, AND . . he’s blatantly lied to folks with no intent on helping them out, for the sole purpose of taking their money. It took a long time from me to break free from the denial i was in, but too many people came forth and they all had the same story.

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