I’ve never had Peace with Bitcoin but i’ve had good friends both own it and mine it over the years. I hope the following gives you insights on what i believe is coming down the pike financially in the Housing Market, Stock Market, Swift (international settlements between banks), Stable Coins, Supply Chains etc . . . as i see that it is ALL tied together.
Well, i didn’t know, nor did i pay any attention to Crypto until mid April 2022, when I clearly felt compelled to learn the Crypto lingo, and to know how to Buy, Sell and Hold coins/tokens safely offline in a “cold/hard wallet” – to be prepared when the time came to dive in or get left behind.

1) My education began in 2003 when I first studied stock market charts (Ted Warren PDF bellow) , so, i resumed my education by reading much about the “(crypto) space” to firstly learn that lingo and then I poured over hundreds of Crypto charts and was happy to see not much had changed.

2) After 2 weeks of random but focused study, I had a plan which began with opening an account on one of the big exchanges where I placed just enough money to be able to buy and sell several coins in small increments under $20.

3) After 2 weeks of cautious trading and learning how to “do” the basics, I had figured out how to use the platform to buy and sell thru market and limit orders and continued my studies by watching tons of videos and reading many more articles on the utility of these tokens/coins which i’ve concluded is the only reason to participle in this “space” or to hold any of them.

4) The collapse began (May 8th, 2022), and Terra-Luna (UST) face-planted and took Bitcoin for a ride down below 27k, and the whole “space” followed. Unlike many who lost 40 – 80% , i lost only about 35% of the relatively small amount i had put in to learn the functions of the platform, and much of that was recovered when i bought in the “dip” May 12th.

That storm front has passed and my biggest lesson was to remain emotionally stable. I’m still dedicating my free time to learning all i can to become efficient in “doing” crypto while we are in the calm of the storm as we slowly see the Real Estate market begin to implode, the supply chains getting weaker, the food processing plants burning to the ground and the non-Federal Reserve scrambling to prop up the U.S. dollar like never before with their now, extremely limited ability to move interest rates.

The Actual Storm: Mid-term elections, SEC XRP lawsuit, the controlled demolition of the U.S. dollar and it’s function as the world reserve currency to make room for a U.S. Government regulated (SEC) “Stable Coin” like USDC, and possibly, a “Fed Coin”. These convoluted manipulations are intentional and all point to the fracturing of the U.S. economy’s foundation to make way for the Great Reset.

Unfortunately, as the U.S. dollar circles the drain, I currently have too little knowledge to guide you thru the great opportunity that is upon us, but there’s a man i believe can be trusted to teach you all the important perspectives if you see yourself going in this direction.

Meet Zac Rector (Dad, Husband, Landscaper), the man I’ve come to trust due to his straightforward NO-BS explanations of current events as well as his insight on how things will unfold and how to prepare to best take advantage of it all. I recommend you learn all you can from Zac, and others like him, because I believe the dollar is intentionally going down in flames and I don’t want you to go down with it.
Start with this video (they’re all good) and then check out his others.
See the list on Zac’s Youtube channel to find him on other platforms.

Exciting Times have arrived – Move slowly, purposefully and stay safe while you enjoy the ride as we transition over the next 3 years into a whole new financial system.

For more insights, tune into The Rich Dad show with Robert Kiyosaki as well as the Stansberry Research Channel with Daniela Cambone

Personally I’ve always believed in the stability of Land and Portable Real Estate (gold and silver) . . all of which will still be solid in 100 years – but if the coin market drops another 50% and everyone is being liquidated below wholesale (fall 2022) , i plan to know this Crypto stuff well enough to safely jump in with both feet.

Have a great Memorial Day and please, remember our heroes despite their abuse by BS Military Industrial Complex who’s sole purpose is the propping up the U.S. (fake) dollar while Russia goes back to a Gold standard and rises above the central banks, poking it’s finger in their eye like the U.S. should have done by now.
– Gus