Who is Mike Gill, and Why… You should care?

Pay Attention: there is little else that has the potential to positively affect your life the way Mike’s Crusade can, especially if you live in New England.

Michael Gill is a man I’ve had the pleasure of sitting with on several occasions to discuss the very subjects described in his videos on NH Corruption. I’ve sat with Mike in Federal Court and have followed his valiant battle against Deep State Corruption.

Please share and support this great man any way you can.
Thank you,
~ Gus

Start here:


Link:  44 Page Report


Walker the door to the Deep State


The Door to the Deep State:
IRS Caught on Tape

(FYI – Patrick Howley left Breitbart (2017) to start Big League Politics)


Now go to Mike’s Youtube Channel
State of Corruption NH

and keep digging





The List (FULL)


State of Corruption NH

We need to help and support Michael’s efforts to expose and clean up the world around us before our opportunity to do so expires.

Please, take this moment to support him by sharing this page and his YouTube channel5729353cee93d.image

Micheal’s been exposing corruption for years:

Gill: Racing Needs to Admit What’s Wrong
Michael Gill said politics is destroying the horse racing industry


What you do is priceless Michael

Thank you




4 thoughts on “Who is Mike Gill, and Why… You should care?”

  1. Michael Gill a true warrior. Fighting the darkest corruption of all government and drug cartel!

  2. Audra Toop said:

    I’ve been working with Mike Gill since 2016. He saved my life. I was also turning over Evidence on the identical Corruption Mike was, although on the same Corruption. Turns out my Evidence is directly connected to Mike’s.

    He’s a good man, and he has worked really hard to help people and expose the Corruption. For far too long. It would all stop if the FBI & US Attorney’s Office did their jobs and arrested the Criminals Mike has exposed

    Was nice to read this blog. Been a long fight for Mike and he needs as much exposure as he can get.

  3. He saved my life too. He’s the first one who understood and supported me as I died from NH family court corruption. Mike knew what it was like to have everything taken from you unlawfully for profit… your children, your home, your past and future paychecks. He is my hero.

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