Peter Blau

Peter was on Common Law Word Nerds (134084) Episodes 184 and 185

 The following is from Peter:

It was around the years 2004/2005 I started to realize the insidious ways Govt’ Inc taxed. Where I was in PA they taxed you to work in the city. Extra tax called Earned Income Tax. Along with the traditional State and Federal income taxes. The issue of taxation started to bother me. But I didn’t know how to put my finger on exactly why. I developed an insatiable desire to find out.

I was living in Pennsylvania (non-native) prior to my adventure in trying to understand the Matrix (Government Inc. or Govt’ Inc.) and it’s insidious tyranny. It was the beginning of the summer of 2008. During the presidential elections that I began objectively researching candidates. I started with Ron Paul. I got on a website that supported him. As I scanned through the site, there was an advertisement for a book on taxation on the right margin down near the bottom of the page called ‘Cracking the Code- the Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America’ by Peter Hendrickson.

After reading it through a couple of times I went ahead and tried what was suggested in the book with other techniques from other perspectives. This led me on the adventure of discovering the machinations of Govt’ Inc. The more I researched the more of the deception I learned. And the more I learned, the more I noticed how intricately connected things are. Once one issue was discovered it led to other issues, that (in my mind) could not be ignored. I will have Gus post my different adventures of uncovering great truths that have radically changed life for me in a wonderful way

Some of the issues that I ended up dealing with are as follows.
Separate pages will be set-up for each subject as time and content become available.
Direct hyper-links are posted here for those pages.

This will take some time to put together so check back every once in awhile.

Collection Agencies

Cops and Courts

County Prothonotary fraud-regarding fraudulent lien filing from IRS

County Assessor-in regards to property taxation

County Treasurer-in regards to property taxation

Driver’s Licensure, Vehicle Registration, Inspection and Emission (quasi-contractual legal requirements)

False Accusations

Income Taxes

Investment Companies

IRS fraud and threats

Law Firms

Local Borough Tax Collector-in regards to property taxation

Local Legislator-in regards to property taxation

Occupancy Permits (corporate, legal requirements)

Property Taxes

State Incorporated Non-Profit Religious Organization / 501(c)3 tax exemption status

‘State’ tax revenue fraud

Social Security: Starting a Corporate-less Business


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Peter on Stewardship with regard to Tags, Plates, Cars, Driver’s Privileges etc . . .




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