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I am here as a friend of the court to settle this matter as a man I believe a mistake has been made and I wish to remain in honor and I have been led to believe somebody is making a claim. Is there a claimant here today with a verified claim independently bonding this case, stating that I have done them a wrong?

Who is invoking the jurisdiction of this court today and when can I meet them?
Where was, is the proper notice?
Where is the warrant of attorney for the plaintiff’s representer?
Where is the anti bribery statement?
Where is the foreign registration certificate?
Where are all of your oaths of office?
What is the nature and cause of this proceeding?
Who invoked the jurisdiction of this court?
Who is the surety bringing the claim?
Does one have a right to face his or her accuser?
Where does the claimant live?
Is the claimant a resident?
Judge are you bringing a claim against I?
Prosecutor, are you claiming I caused you a harm?
Can one be a name?
What evidence is before this court that I am liable for the name?
Who is liable for the name?
If I claim the name is that perjury?
Can I go to jail for claiming something that I do not own?
Can anyone here prove I own the name and am liable for it?
Could it be the name belongs to the United States?
Could it be that in order to have a controversy all parties must be properly identified?
Where is the verified complaint from the claimant?
Who do the charges apply to? Is a person a man?
Is there a controversy before this court today?
Is everyone in this court going to swear in today?
Is this a court of record?
When is the last time you spoke to the claimant?
Has the claimant ever contracted covid?
Does the claimant wear a mask like a good slave?
Has the claimant been vaccinated yet?
Has the claimant gotten his or her booster shots yet?
When was the claimant born?
Does the claimant have a phone number?
Where is the claimant gainfully employed?
Is the claimant a tax payer?
Is the claimant a U.S. Citizen?
Can the claimant hand write a notice?
When did this court or the claimants representor have a meeting of the minds; what date; what time; what location?
Does the claimant urinate standing up or sitting down?
Does the claimant own a car?
Does the claimant have a driver’s license?
Does the claimant have a passport?
Does the claimant have a social security number?
Does the claimant have a duns number?
Does the claimant have a birth certificate?
Does the claimant have a mortgage?
Does the claimant have a corporate charter?
Has the claimants testicles dropped yet?
Has the claimant reached the age of majority?
Does the claimant have thoughts?
Does the claimant have a voice?
Is this an at law in rem proceeding?
What do these alleged charges apply to?
Can one pay a debt with a debt instrument?
What specie is acceptable for payment?
How much does a dollar weight?
Dollars of what?
What ISO number is used for this symbol $ and what does it mean?
Do numerical numbers say anything?
Is the English language an art form?
All men are responsible for knowing the law but I ask are all men responsible for knowing legalese?
Is a twisting of the language unbecoming of a judge?
Is this an administrative qt law proceeding?
If the officer is the witness then who and when was proper services of process issued?
Who is primarily liable for all debts?
Are all crimes commercial?
Is it true that nothing can be tendered for a debt but gold and or silver?
Judge is it true that he who deny principles there is no dispute?
Judge is it true that he who speaks in contradictions shall not be heard?
You see all of this nonsense could be avoided if the claimant’s/Plaintiff’s representation would just ring up his client and to expedite this court so as not to waste anymore time and as a man of honor I will gladly lend my phone to the claimants attorney so he may call his client, in good faith, with clean hands, as a man in honor wishing nothing more then to provide remedy to any claimant making a valid claim that I do, does, is causing them a harm!!!!
. . . Or perhaps we could dismiss this case for want of prosecution, denial of due process, malicious prosecution, abortion of justice, fraud upon the court, false and fictitious claims using false and fictitious names with unverified claims with an absentee claimant, baratry, securities fraud, conspiracy, racketeering, collusion, etc….

What say you judgeepoo, have I given you enough reasons to shit yourself yet or should I go on???
Oh you don’t say that was not enough how about mixed war against the Constitution, treason, honest services fraud, unjust enrichment, breach of the public trust, judge are you paid by the claimant?
How long have you and the prosecutor been fucking the good hard working American people over for under the guise of justice??? …. do you really need more Judge . . is it true that nobody has a name?

Lmao I can go on for months 🤣 judge is it true that if you enter a plea on behalf of the name you bare full commercial and personal liability for use of that name?
Judge who authorized you to enter a plea on behalf of that name?
Where did you get the authority to do so?
Is that considered practicing law from the bench?
Is that an ethics violation?
Yours truly Thee American badass!!

Hell even Johnny Cochran is rolling over in his grave right now. You know if the glove does not fit you must acquit!
What say you judge is there a crime with out a body?
Is this a civil matter or a criminal matter?
If civil where is the contract?
If criminal where is the claimant?
If civil who has first hand perfected knowledge that I entered into the contract knowingly, willingly, and of my own free volition?

I require to depose the claimant, you know that silly little thing called due process of law ya I wish to invoke it . . lmfao.

I also require full disclosure, you know due process of the the inherent right to be fully informed.

It’s like my man kid rock says judge, it’s not cocky if you can back it up!
Judge is it not true that an offer of tender of Payment made and refused liberates the alleged debtor??

Judge is it not true that if you mess with a bull you might some day catch the horns?
Judge I have been lead to believe that if you live by the sword there may be a day one dies by the sword is that true?
What say you, have I not given you all 99 reasons to walk away, just pick one or do you still wish to play??

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