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Please enlighten me on what you think Trump has “really done”.
I can tell you have no clue what he’s done.

I’ll start with,
1. He corrected his status at young age and became an American National (he’s not a Nationalist, like the media twisted it into, many people have no clue what that means, including you) took control of Cestui Que Vie Trust (which is where he got his million dollars to start his business, not from his father, like the media twisted it into, which you have no clue about), then because of that he doesn’t pay personal taxes (because taxes are voluntary, except for corporations acting in Interstate or Foreign Commerce, which you have no clue about) but his businesses pay “income” taxes.

2. That makes Trump, in-part, the first de jure President since Lincoln (which you have no clue about either).

3. The 3rd and final bankruptcy came to an end in 1999 which a man by the name of Russell J Gould (go look for WarCastles on YouTube to see how he saved the World from the NWO & Onumnuts) which because of that in 2012 ALL the Inc’s (United States Inc, United States of America Inc, USA Inc, etc, which you probably have no real clue about, I could be wrong on this one) were foreclosed on.

4. Now to talk about the other part about Trump being the first de jure President since Lincoln.
The military was going to do a Coup d’état on Onumnuts, but Trump said he would run for Office and they could do it Lawfully. There’s so much here to try and explain, but you know what Trump has “really done” right?

5. After Trump won the election (despite all the voter fraud, and yes they are all about to get busted) Trump said at his Inauguration speech that he was “putting the power back into the peoples hands”. You remember that right, because you’ve been paying attention to what Trump has “really done” right?

6. Trump pulled us out of the TPPN right out of the gate (saved us $500.000.000/year) as well as pulled us out of a lot of other “bad deals”, like providing military support to other Countries and paying them Hundreds of not Millions of dollars a year. Started pulling our military out of Countries we shouldn’t have been in in the first place as well as renegotiated the terms of “if want our military protection you’re going to have to pay us”. He’s slowly pulled us out of the U.N.

7. Now this is where things start to get good.
March 14, 2017 EO doing a complete audit of the entire Executive Branch and for 6 months asked for help from the people to report on any issues we thought needed to be “redressed” (because we redress our grievances with government, see 1st Amendment) (which is also how ultimately E~CLAUSE got created October 2017 (which is why I keep telling you and others that I REALLY know what’s going on because I’ve been a part of it since 2017).

Presidential Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies
Issued on: October 26, 2017
SUBJECT: Temporary Certification for Certain Records Related to the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (of course you know all about this right?)

9. Now for what Trump did next (which you’re fully aware of because you know what he has “really done” right?) First he reestablished the Rule of Law December 10, 2017 by Proclamation (hmmm right after the paperwork went in and E~Clause was created…hmm wonder what was in that practitioners judicial report?) The Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the united States of America 1787 with the Bill of Rights 1789 as the Bedrock of this Nation called America.

Then December 20 2017 by EO Declaring a state of emergency to block the property (civil asset forfeiture) of those involved in “Serious Human Rights Violations and Corruption” (which involves human trafficking both part a & b, but you know all about that too right?) WORLDWIDE

Then he came out in a press conference and said he was going after the World Child Pedophilia and going to wipe them off the Earth. A “fact sheet” March 13, 2018 “My Administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem.

President Donald J. Trump” & in it he says “In February 2017, the President signed Executive Order 13773, “Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking.””

Then March 1, 2018 he dug up an old EO from 1984 and made amendments to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) and created the MCM (Manual for Courts Martial) Which all became effective January 1, 2019 (that’s why the deep state is scrapping their pants),
Then this, Executive Order Regarding the Establishment of the Task Force on Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud
Issued on: July 11, 2018

Then he went over to England and raided the Vatican I think it was 6 times and shut down the Vatican & London (if you have a clue what that even means, but you know what Trump has really done, right?) which is part of the Tri City States (D.C. being the 3rd) that have been in control of the money, birth certificates, Cestui Que Trust (since 1666) and said that we are going back to Natural Law and getting rid of both Constitutions (you would have to know the history of Law to know what he is talking about, but you know what Trump is really doing, right?).

Trump has also been working on taking down the International Banking Cartel (which is part of the Tri City States) and took control of the FED aka Federal Reserve and put it under the Department of Treasury (where our money belongs) and put the Secret Service in charge of Oversight and investigations (but you knew that already because you know what Trump is really doing, right?)
Part of the other reorganization Trump put the DOJ in place for the people to report these criminals to, following due process of law and our Right to Redress our Greivences through the Legislature as well as the DOD with the MCM to try the treasonous criminals under Admiralty Jurisdiction like it says in the Constitution (but you knew that already because you know what Trump has really done, right?)

There’s a lot more that he’s done, but this is all off the top of my head except the 2 quotes and the JFK Assassination Document.
I don’t think you quite know what you’re talking about, nor are you even close to having a clue what Trump has done and is doing to save the World while putting his and his families life on the line (many assassination attempts have been made)

He’s exposing the whole shit show and taking them down which is what JFK was trying to tell us and do and BUSH Senior and his commies assassinated him for (which is why him and Romney (correction it was John McCain) were sentenced to death by Military Tribunal, and you knew about that too, right?)

Get more from Kirk at http://e-clause.org/

Thanks Kirk,
– Gus

(Follow-up from Kirk’s FB Page)

From David Straight in addition to a previous post of mine about what Trump is “really doing” as there is so much he has done and is doing not just for Americans but the whole world.

Turn off your Tell a Vision and watch the man live because the mainstream media cuts out certain parts after the live is over. I’ve busted the media on this when I went to share and discuss on my show live parts of what was said in the live video and was edited out. About 6 minutes worth was cut out overnight. Think about that.


HERE IS WHAT President Trump ACCOMPLISHED THIS WEEK but you probably won’t hear about it: BELOW THE WINS FOR THE CITIENS OF AMERICA ARE HUGE… -William J. Wagener

1. Made vaccines voluntary not mandatory. Military will check purity and distribute vaccines! )

2. Defunded W.H.O forever and wants an investigation into its operations.

3. Cancelled the Democrats HR 6666 bill, known as the Covid -19 TRACE Act that was the basis for Bill Gates’s diagnosis and tracking project, which was also cancelled.


5. Opened a complaint platform to report censorship on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. <( It was overrun with complaints. They got the evidence. )>

6. Stopped 5G rollout nationwide and stopped Huawei

7. Executive Order to reopen states: Governors who refuse to reopen will be sued. FINALLY ! ! !

8. Executve Order for W.H. to take over all Electrical Grids: Which will include Internet servers, Broadcasting systems, Electronic systems. << Big Red Flag >>

9. Declares places of worship ‘Essential Sevices.’ Some mayors are fining people for going to church.

10. Applauded Australia and 116 countries for insisting on a China Probe into the spread of Covid-19 despite several threats from China about refusing critical exports