Helped a friend with the following – thought i’d share it here:


Greetings Boris;

It is My wish to inform You as the man who sometimes acts as “Prime Minister”, that i, a woman living in Peace in accord with the universal law of the land called Wales, as set in stone by our Almighty Self-Existing Creator, do not now, never have and never will consent to being tracked/traced in any way, nor to being vaccinated and/or medicated by any means, nor to the use of Sharia Law in any manner affecting Me, My Peace or Property;

Post-haste, i thus require You to act on My behalf to the full extent of Your authority and capacity to insure My wish is set in stone in the records of Your Government and further seek You to respond to Me forthwith that My wishes have been fully carried out, or to fully know from You why they have not, and if not, to have the contact info to the man or woman you trust to resolve this issue in it’s entirety.

Warm regards,
Carmen Ortega, a woman with great expectations