UnKommonlaw Bulletin Board

The UnKommonlaw Board is on hold pending Karl’s approval

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UnKommonlaw Bulletin Board

Karl’s got lots going at this time… but he’s clearly expressed a desire to engage folks by way of a bulletin board format; i know nothing of bulletin boards so i asked Mark Drakes for help; Karl and Mark spoke about this project in December; Karl plans to get involved in the near future; let us get started and see where this goes; a big thanks to Mark for offering up his time to launch and oversee this project;

Karl -- punctuation-cartoon


3 thoughts on “UnKommonlaw Bulletin Board”

  1. maks great for this j.o.b.

  2. i am standing as man. Holding court issued documents that allows me to hold accountable other living “men acting as agents of malice” who caused verifiable harm on this living man, and various in jury.
    i am ready with Karl’s rifle shot get it done guidance to receive just compensation, torts, and Reconcilation of the Estate.
    It is time, not to turn the tables but set it correctly.
    i have tried to contact Karl through all means listed on his web site. Tonight according to Talkshow July 11 and last week; No Show. Emailed him. Mailed docs. Donated. Tried to phone him.
    Anyone who can help?
    Michael 843 254 2038

  3. Is this the Mark from Canada? and if so, can you put me on your email list. i would like to know when, and if, Karl, is coming to Canada. is there any Canadian groups, like on Toronto perhaps. i would like to get involved with some group on Toronto, that’s where i live. Thanks, i: a man; David Lavin.

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