Talkshoes & Archives

Talkshoe is a company that provides internet based audio recording and archive services. Folks listening to these Blog-talk type calls can use the Talkshoe Chat Board during recording sessions to; post links to websites, express opinions and ask questions … all without interrupting the host and guest speakers.

To join a live Talkshoe call,

dial 724 – 444 – 7444 and enter the call ID

followed by the pound (#) sign


listen online at

(enter the call id)

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“Uncommonlaw by Karl”

Call ID 127469

Karl’s Website – 

“Uncommonlaw by Karl” on Saturday evenings (starts between 5 Eastern and Pacific) is hosted by Karl Lentz, the man i believe is the “host with the most”. Karl’s Talkshoe calls and archives are the primary source of our education.

Click HERE to go to Karl’s Website

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“CalmInLaw’s Community Cal”

Call ID 133802

SKYPE = CalmInLaw

“Claminlaw’s Community Call” on Mondays at 7pm Eastern is hosted by Mike Miller, a man skilled in the art of breaking down an issue to it’s most fundamental root. This call is by nature less formal and is essentially a great place to network and to review the foundational lessons taught by Karl Lentz

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Common Law Word Nerdz

Call ID 134084

SKYPE = Gus.Breton

“Common Law Word Nerdz” is a Talkshoe i host on Wednesday’s at 8pm Eastern in an effort to give aid and comfort to my fellow man. We study grammar, punctuation and the “Law Common To Man” and like the calls above, it’s a good place to meet like minded folks looking for redress to life.

punctuation f


Jefferson & the Great Work


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