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The Law Common To Man

These are My Beliefs at this time about The Law Common To Man

Children from most countries, cultures and languages are taught right from wrong; as generations of folks come and go, they leave behind the customs of law which support their particular beliefs.

Books like the ones below helped me form my convictions and solidify my thoughts so i could better express my self. I chose which beliefs to feed and which ones to starve until eventually those beliefs became convictions from which i could draw strength from.

“English Common Law in the early American Colonies” by Paul Samuel Reinsch taught  me how New England settlers molded a new common law system based on their beliefs. It provided me with the true roots of the peoples common law here on New Hampshire.

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That new system of American Common Law continued to use the traditional processes of law that had proven effective in the English Common Law. For a brief review of the olde common law, check out F.W. Maitlands “The Forms of Action at Common Law”

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Read John Locke’s “Two Treatises of Government” if you wish to gain more insight about what property is; is not and… how a man may acquire property in a thing previously held in common.

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Click HERE to read “The Law”

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Uncommonlaw by Karl

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Great Lessons through Short Stories

Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings


Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings

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The Obsolete Man


Beliefs vs. Convictions


4 thoughts on “Study Guide”

  1. RJ Judalena said:

    Thank you. I am RJ. Are the books you mention above the only ones to study? Or what else could one do to elevate themselves legally? Once again thank you.

    • The common law information available in books is endless, but the basics are all you really need. The book listed on this site are the only ones i’m willing to recommend so far. You’re better off listening to the “Uncommonlaw by Karl” archives and taking lots of notes.

  2. ladyfairfax33 said:

    Hi, i just discovered this blog! Thanks so much. How can i get access to the private audios?

  3. thank you for all the great guidance and foot work .. this is fantastic and what a great lot of like minded friends in here…

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