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To better know why we do what we do, please read “English Common Law in the early American Colonies”  (especially Chapter IV – Summary), to learn how and why the “New” England settlers of the original colonies molded the American Common Law system in accord to their their Christian beliefs, and how they otherwise did abandon the technical system of the English Common Law in favor of Natural Law.

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JC and the Shaman suggest we use the following links, videos and pages to learn the fundamental basics they teach on the show

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Read or Download – The Free Church Report – HERE

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The Macroevolution Suffix and Prefix Dictionary

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Pleading in English Act 1362

“The Pleading in English Act 1362 (36 Edw. III c. 15), often rendered Statute of Pleading, was an Act of the Parliament of England. The Act complained that because the French language was much unknown in England, the people therefore had no knowledge of what is being said for them or against them in the courts, which used Law French. The Act therefore stipulated that “all Pleas which shall be pleaded in Courts whatsoever, before any of his Justices whatsoever, or in his other Places, or before any of His other Ministers whatsoever, or in the Courts and Places of any other Lords whatsoever within the Realm, shall be pleaded, shewed, defended, answered, debated, and judged in the English Tongue, and that they be entered and inrolled in Latin.”


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We will be studying word etymology and sentence structure,

so please, secure a copy of  Websters 1828 Dictionary

Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary

Buy it HERE or view it online HERE.


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 and secure a copy of  “Lessons in English” by Sara E. Husted-Lockwood – i bought an original 1888 copy on ebay for $4 – You can buy a new copy HERE
Download the “Lessons in English” by Sara E. Husted-Lockwood PDF HERE


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The first thing we’ll focus on is “Presentation of Persons”

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Link 1

Lecture 17 – Constitutional Government: Locke, Second Treatise

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Link 2

The Informer’s Website

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Link 3

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Link 4

Federal Reserve Act – Remedy

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Link 5

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the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge 

Click the following linkg to


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When/if you contact JC and Shaman at

about any court related matter,

please be sure to include a copy of;

1) the original complaint

2) the original charging instruments

3) the original answer or counter-claim

4) both the first and last Court Orders


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