This is my daughter


Ella Knox 

(a great story : )

 ~  condensed  ~ 

One Sunday afternoon in 2010, i got on the computer and helped her track down her biological-dad;  he turned out to be a real cool guy and we all lived happily ever after

Life Is Good


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Over the years, Mel’s watched me heal up from a lot of the family law court crap that I went through in 2002. She’s been a wonderful friend. Without my daughter’s support, i might never again have cared enough about other people, to be doing for others, what i do now.

I’m letting you all know all this because many of you contact me every week just to say thanks for the websites or for helping you better understand something you’re going through … and you often ask what you can do for me.

I usually say i’m just glad i’m able to help and i say thanks in return for sharing this part of your life with me and the other folks in the Whatsapp group, and on for being on the Talkshoe calls, however, if you’re someone connected in any way with the music industry, the best way for you to thank me would be to help my daughter move on with her career. She’s come a long way in the last 10 years and anything you can do to help her to continue on would be greatly appreciated.

Find her HERE on Facebook

She currently tends bar in L.A. to pay the bills and cover studio time.



1 thought on “Ella”

  1. Ken Johnson said:

    Wow, amazing voice. You should try out for the Voice… Ken

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