Views on the Theft of Taxation

‘i’, “man”, declare ‘i’ know about as much Legalese as ‘i’ do Chinese and Mangonese; ‘i’ve not studied the language of Legalese, thus ‘i’ believe Legalese and the customs of the Legal Society remain beyond My understanding, ‘i’ simply do not have a “legal” mind;


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‘i’ve been asked over the years what My views are on “The IRS” and if ‘i’ve ever helped anyone with “IRS issues”;

To date, ‘i’ve not worked with anyone on any “IRS” related matter, nor any other “Legal issues” that ‘i’m aware of, ‘i’ simply help My fellow “man”[kind] with various life, liberty and property matters that come up in everyday life that they may more freely enjoy their Right to the Pursuit of Happiness.


‘i’ believe, and thus ‘i’ approach these Natural Rights issues from the following point of reference:

As a boy and later a young “man”, ‘i’ heard all sorts of religious and non-religious fairy tales and folklore stories that parents, aunts and uncles, teachers and ultimately most of society use to brainwash (indoctrinate) their children (issue/offspring) in what seems to be an effort to control and/or manipulate them into being “good kids” and eventually “productive members of society” (sheople);


‘i’ was taught these many fables about the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and about how Santa Claus knew if ‘i’ was bad or good (so I’d better be good for goodness sake); ‘i’ was told ‘i’d better be home before dark so the Werewolves, Dracula and Frankenstein wouldn’t “get me”;


‘i’ was told ‘i’ was a “sinner”, that ‘i’ needed “forgiveness” and was taught about “good works” and about why some people went to Hell and others to Heaven and noticed how different groups of people had very different ideas about what the Bible said about all these things; . . and for the record, ‘i’ was “born again” in Toronto on Sunday, July 5th 1987 at a non-denominational worship service with Ron Ball;

‘i’ was taught to trust Medical Doctors and then discovered they are manipulated by “Big Pharma” and the BAR Association (profits) into remaining silent about GMO’s, Vaccines, Autism, Cancer and the actual cures and natural remedies to all things that ail “man”[kind];


‘i’ was taught there existed a “Justice” system with Judicial branch Courts, only to later discover said system was actually a private “Legal System” (public corporation) within the Administrative branch of Government which operated ‘COURT’s by way of a private member BAR Association;

‘i’ was taught ‘i’ could trust “Peace Officers” only to discover said officers were no longer working for the people to keep the Peace, but had been converted by the Administrative branch of Government into Police(y) enforcers which could no longer be trusted;


‘i’ was taught that all ‘men’ were created equal and that the self-evident purpose of Government was to secure the Natural Rights of “man”[kind] ; that we had the Natural Right “to be secure in our Persons (plural) , Houses, Papers and Effects”, only to discover said BAR associations and Administrative branch did fool “The People” into using unilateral contracts to get them into said ‘COURT’s to extort “man”s property;


‘i’ left home, went to work and was eventually deceived and indoctrinated into some type of “TAX” system, was told ‘i’ was a “Taxpayer” and was taught about the “IRS Boogeyman” and paying “income taxes” which did immediately cause Me to believe ‘i’ had somehow gotten sucked into some form of slavery;

All these stories were, are and continue to be re-enforced by family and society as well as by Hollywood movies and cartoons and other controlled media (news) outlets;

‘i’ saw no evidence that any of this non-sense was true and ‘i’ discarded all said illusions, one by one,  . . . except for one . . “the IRS Boogeyman“;


Everyone seemed to have a different perspective about what a “Taxpayer” was and how they had become one and whenever ‘i’ sought knowledge or advice from some so called “expert”, ‘i’d find Myself being told by an accountant type Person that ‘i’ was indeed a “Tax Payer” and that they’d be happy to help Me do “MY TAXES” for a small fee to keep said “Boogeyman” away;

This fairy tale “TAX” story was by far the most complex and profitable for the story tellers and was thus the most difficult to shake free from; it took many years of association and friendship with non-taxpayer folks to convince Me said story, was in fact, just another deception perpetrated upon and believed by society in general;

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“Labeling My earnings as “wages” does not make Me a “Taxpayer” any more than calling My dog a “Fire Hydrant” would give the Fire Marshall jurisdiction over My dog” 

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Of all the stories ‘i’ did hear of and researched over the years, the following are all ‘i’ believe to be true; these exist as the foundation against which ‘i’ judge all other thoughts and beliefs;

‘i’ believe there exists an All Mighty Creator of the uni-verse; that ‘i’m forgiven always and forever; that said Creator guides all “man” who choose to “tune in” to the source of said Creator’s guidance; that so long as ‘i’ cause no “man” harm, injury or loss, that ‘i’ve done no wrong and have no-thing to answer for;


Having been lied to all My life about various aspects of this existence did cause Me to become an Empath; ‘i’ve learned to trust said Creator’s guidance and to become more intuitive (to trust My Gut) in all matters of Life;

Here’s the Bottom Line with regard to My beliefs about “The IRS”;


‘i’ declare ‘i’ did inadvertently turn over My property to various “IRS” agencies over the years due to the deception of ignorant and/or unethical CPA type Persons who told Me ‘i’ was a creature known as ‘i’ “Taxpayer”, a belief ‘i’ no longer hold, and thus, ‘i’ require the immediate restoration of ALL said property;

If any [wo]man or “IRS Person” believes ‘i’ err in my belief that ‘i’ am not a ‘Taxpayer”, ‘i’ require said “Person” to lay claim to said property in an Article III Judicial ‘court of record‘ under the pains and penalty of perjury and that all/any part of said matter be tried exclusively by a Jury of My impartial peers in a ‘try-all by jury‘ in accord with pre-constitutional American common law (see chapter IV: Conclusions);

‘i’ believe the Supreme Court is clear that the “Income Tax” an excise tax subject to apportionment and ‘i’ believe the various District Appeals Courts are so divided on whether or not the “Income Tax” is an excise or a direct tax is because the entire Internal Revenue Code is intentionally misleading and Void for Vagueness.

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 . . . and now this from “Timely Tornado”  😉

Atheism: the belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self- replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs…

No offense intended . . just thought you might find that as funny as i did.


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