Criminal Report Served on County Prosecutor Dennis Hogan and County Sheriff James Hardy

Served today on both Hillsborough County Prosecutor Dennis Hogan 

and County Sheriff James Hardy  was the PDF below and more

CLICK the picture to view, and/or download the PDF 

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#200 - Dear Dennis - Served - small

The papers were “served” .. the End ..
whether they signed or not is irrelevant
Dennis and James hold office with the authority and by the Will of the People.
If they ignore the report of a crime they now hold ample evidence of, they are in Breach (to the people) of their Oath of Office and are criminally liable for aiding and abetting (conspiracy) in extortion because none of the Claims in the Case have been Verified despite my willingness to settle all things the moment they BE Verified in Open Court under the pains and penalties of perjury.
FOR a YEAR – – I’ve required a ‘Bill’ for whatever is True, Due and Owing and a Verified, Certified Complete Accounting of that Child Support account to support said Bill along with a True copy of whatever Order they claim to be enforcing to collect this ever changing amount of supposed debt.

SO . . . what’s the problem?

Why does the Balance changing?

Why does it remain un-Verified?

Where’s that True Court Order?

. . . the one that states what they claim it does?

It’s NOT just me . . they do the same in almost EVERY arrears case throughout the country. . THEY simply can’t be bothered to verify anything . . . THEY just prefer to pick you up and lock you in until you either PAY or “make a deal with no VERIFIED evidence on the record . . . CUZ we’re all supposed to just trust Child Support attorneys and greedy [wo]men (obligees).

#200b - Served on James.pdf