Criminal Report Served on County Prosecutor Dennis Hogan and County Sheriff James Hardy

The PDF below and more was Served 23 May 2017 on both Hillsborough County Prosecutor Dennis Hogan and County Sheriff James Hardy.

Scroll down to see UPDATES – – such as Dennis’ 07 June 2017 deflective answer to My report of Extortion – – and My response (page 7) to his lame attempt to avoid responsibility.

See the report of extortion and cover up ‘i’ did send to the Federal Marshall’s of both Minnesota and New~Hampshire

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#200 - Dear Dennis - Served - small

The papers were “served” .. the End ..
whether they signed or not is irrelevant
Dennis and James hold office with the authority and by the Will of the People.
If they ignore the report of a crime they now hold ample evidence of, they are in Breach (to the people) of their Oath of Office and are criminally liable for aiding and abetting (conspiracy) in extortion because none of the Claims in the Case have been Verified despite my willingness to settle all things the moment they BE Verified in Open Court under the pains and penalties of perjury.
FOR a YEAR – – I’ve required a man or woman to simply verify that there is a thing which is True, Due and Owing.

SO . . . what’s the problem?

Why does the Balance keep changing?

Why does it remain un-Verified?

It’s NOT just me . . they do the same in almost EVERY arrears case throughout the country. . THEY simply can’t be bothered to verify anything . . . THEY just prefer to pick you up and lock you in until you either PAY or “make a deal with no VERIFIED evidence on the record . . . CUZ we’re all supposed to just trust Child Support attorneys and greedy [wo]men (obligees).

#200b - Served on James.pdf

Below, see Dennis Hogan’s lame and deflective answer to the report of a crime committed under color of law. “Color” because the record of the quasi ‘COURT’ remains void of ANY verifiable fact in regards to any “debt”.  No man or woman Claims any THING to be True, Owing and/or [post]Due. Thus said ‘COURT’ continues to commit Extortion against “man” under color of law and Dennis is thus guilty of aiding abd abetting the commision of a common law crime [Cf. 18 U.S. Code § 3 – Accessory after the fact]

#26 - Hogan's Scapegoat letter

My response to Dennis’ lame attempt to blow me off is on page (7) of the following PDF which ‘i’ did by send by Registered mail to said Federal Marshals – Click HERE or on the Picture below to View or Download all 21 pages.

Message to Sharon and David

Click HERE to see the Registered mail receipts

Registered Mail reciepts for Dennis, Sharon and David.pdf