My Child Support: A Sham Debt

$19,000 dollar Cash ONLY bail – I found out 5 days ago (15 May 2017) that i had this lovely gift on my head, courtesy of a New Hampshire woman by the name of Susan Carbon who is apparently being used as a tool by my Ex-wife to extort me — this of course, brings me unspeakable Joy  : )  

See Susan’s rubber stamped Order below

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Why are my papers NOT on the Courts Index/Summary

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and WHAT should be on it

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Child Support: A Sham Debt created by “LEGISLATIVE” opinions

My Ex-Wife Nancy Abbott claims 

paying $700 per month toward each month

i was incarcerated  is not enough. 


First a little Background

The Bail is set at $19,000 (see Order below) cuz Nancy Abbott claims i still owe over $19,000 of the original $30.000+ that i already paid down since my release from jail in 2005; but the amount keeps changing without explanation and NoBody is willing to Verify the amount in open Court.

I’ve Been DEMANDING her claim be Verified (True Bill) under the pains and penalties of perjury for OVER A YEAR cuz i want to know;

Do i owe $20,323.58  or  $19, 964.58 ?

. . . and what happened to $23,ooo+  ?  ?  ?

April 2016 - February 2017

The case info is at the bottom of this page – – EMAIL me if you wish to investigate any of this, and i’ll send you a release to get ALL the records. Or simply see the Index Sheet from the Court to See the scope of this fraud.


My divorce began in 2002. Like most guys, I fought way too hard to stay in touch with my kids and lost a ton of money to Attorneys and Guardian Ad Litems, and eventually (2005-2102) another G-A-L, and then Counselors, Therapists and “Reunification Counselors” which Nancy Abbott refused to bring my kids to, all of which the Court Ordered but did refuse to enforce  . . .  blah, blah, blah  etc . . . (see Title 4D Family Court Growth Industry ) . . . but unlike most guys, i wasn’t willing to let up or to hang myself from a tree like so many guys have . . . because i had four daughters between 7 and 12 that i had already given up my life for and ‘i’ Simply Could Not Let Them Go . . . i eventually  did some UCC paperwork which landed me in Jail for over 16 months, about 500 days between 2004 and 2005.

It’s been 15 years since i saw or heard from my two oldest; they were 10 and 12 .

It’s been about 8 years since i heard from my third daughter; she was about 13.

My youngest daughter found me a few years ago and we talked for a few months before her mother found out and threaten to destroy her life if she spoke to me again. The last time i heard from her was at 3am when she called me in anguish, crying and said goodbye once more. 

‘i’ was denied Counsel while i was incarcerated and was still being charged well over $400 per WEEK in Child support; 

i did not learn until a few years after my release that i could have required Child Support to be lowered to ZERO per month while i was incarcerated.

By the time i was released, the balance had grown to over $30,000 dollars

TWO years later (2007) my attorney refused to file a Good Faith motion to modify anything stating that I had already pissed off the courts enough and i should leave THAT alone if i ever wanted to see my kids again . . and so there was another GAL, “therapist” and “reunification counseling” that my Ex refused to bring my daughters to and lots of other money wasted  . . . essentially the Family Court exist to support the income stream coming out of YOUR pocket. 

Here’s a One minute clip of an attorney explaining Everything YOU Need to Know about WHY they do pursue us with such FORCE and Violence . . .  

It’s  ALL  about  that  Title IV:D  “Child  $$$ Support”  federal  funding


The following was served on both Hillsborough County Sheriff James Hardy and County Prosecutor Dennis Hogan on 23 May 2017

these are only 10 of the 16 pages served

#200 - Dear Dennis - Served - small


2 reasons Why this debt a SHAM?

#1 – Child Support is different in every State, thus, it is a Debt constructed by Statutes and Codes which are NO-thing more than the current opinions of the Elected Officials at any given time . . . it is not an Actual Debt that any man or woman can verify in Open Court under the Penalties of Perjury . . . but every State does receive it’s share of  that Title 4D Family Court Growth Industry money $$$ to enforce it (see One minute video above) . . . and they are not about to let it go . . . and they certainly don’t care how many men literally Hang From Trees over this issue cuz Title IV has provisions for THAT as well as for adoptions. The State makes money, hand over fist whether you live or hang it up. There’s even federal foster care funding to provide for your kids if you and your spouse are together and piss off the State in some other way like my good friend Frank .. he and his Babies mom agreed NOT to Vaccinate and they Chose to Home School . . . but when the State found out 13 years later, they took the kid away and gave her to the Grandmother and then provided Grandma with a Title IV “foster care” $$$ monthly income. I wonder who ratted out the parents to the State . . !!!

anyway, to get back on track

Compare the following examples: In New Hampshire a [wo]man will pay support to the “obligee” until the kid is 18, and in Massachusetts, just a dotted line away, THAT same [wo]man with the same “income” has to pay support at a different rate  for that same kid so long as the kid is in school . . . and that can go on until he’s 26 years old.

I worked with a guy that was still paying support for his 24 year old and was thrilled to tell me he was retiring in only 14 months when his kid turned 26 .

Compare that to the folk that stay together; they don’t have to provide a dam thing for junior even when he’s 16 and they’re not afraid to tell him so because they want him out ASAP.

Take this for Example: A Home Owner ask his neighbor the painter “how much would you charge me to paint the inside and outside of my house?”. The Painter says he’s willing to do it for $8400. The Owner then puts a deposit down on the job of $4000 thousand dollars and the Painter sends his guys over to work on the house the following week. Halfway through the job the Owner pays another $2500 to the painter and a few days later the job is done. If the owner were to withhold the final payment, the Painter would simply put a mechanics lien on the house for $1900 dollars which he would later Verify in Open Court to be true, due and owing based on His first hand knowledge.

When you compare all these examples, it’s plain on it’s face that Child Support Debt is constructive in nature and NOT actual . . . so, who has first hand knowledge of what a [wo]man owes in child support? The “Obligee”? The States attorney? The man in Black?

If the man and woman had a contract to divide certain monthly or weekly expenses before hand, then they would be in the same position as the Painter and the Home Owner.

#2 – Like the Federal Reserve, Child Support is based on pre-sumption : Child Support is based on the “premise” that both parents should provide for the financial expenses of their ‘CHILDren’; I certainly agree with that premise, however, when’s the last time you heard of a recipient of Child Support (Obligee) proving on the record, in Open Court, under Oath, with any hard facts like proof (receipts) of actual expenses . . . that said recipient did actually provide for anything? It’s only [rebuttable] a pre-sumption that no [wo]man ever challenges . . . but for two, three, or $500 a week, i wish and require to see book keeping entries, receipts etc . . . AND . . . to have ALL of it verified by said recipient in open court under the penalties of perjury Cuz I’m sick and tired of being lied to and threatened by every [wo]man in that industry to do as I’m told or ELSE  – – >>>  that’s Extortion – – – >>> That’s Mafia


See how it’s Extortion below


i was living on Minnesota (June 2015) long before the “case” began April 2016.

#6 - Exhibit A - proof of Hibbing Minnesota


In the following ORDER, John states i was OBTUSE 🙂 . . . and i was . . . ‘i’ beat the point blunt BEFORE that hearing with Notices that are NOT on the Courts Index – – WHY NOT ? ? ?

I did and continue to require a ‘Bill’ for whatever be True, Due and Owing and a Verified accounting in support thereof; but as blunt as i’ve been, i have yet to receive ANY thing verified . . .

Why Not ? ? ? What are THEY hiding ? ? ?


See the amount $20,323.58 below ?

#11 - Decision 15 July 2016

It’s obvious John did witness many of the things i did lay on the record

BEFORE that “hearing”

. . . so why do they not show up on the Court’s index/Summary Sheet?

 Click HERE to see the index/Summary Sheet 




“Conspiracy to Defraud”


Following the service of this next package ..

the state pulled back and re-grouped for a few months

as seen in the next scan which follows it — WHY ??

#13 Series - Served 21 Oct 2014


#14 - State's motion to continue


See the amount below ?

$19, 964.58  is not the same as  $20,323.58

How’d that happen?  . . . and it’s still not verified.!!!

. . . and what happened to $23,000+ ? ? ? 


#17 - Decision 2 Feb 2017 a

The Order below is NOT based on a Verified Amount, it’s based on an amount that could change again without explanation.

It is amount that is NOT True, NOT Due and NOT Owing but they are more than will to throw me in jail for it.


PAY or ELSE we hurt you . . . that is Extortion

under the Color of Contempt

#17 - Decision 15 July 2016


a message to Sue with regard to the Order above

#20a - Dear Susan Carbon


This Child Support ENFORCEMENT (Contempt) case # is “656-2016-DM-00376”

The Court’s address is;
9th Circuit – District Division – Manchester
35 Amherst Street
Manchester NH 03101

or call 855-212-1234 and ask for the 9th Circuit – District Division


The Divorce case “2002-DM-200” is at the Concord Family Court, same phone # as above


I believe the actual Child support case “00075900C” is located at the Child Support Division, 129 Pleasant street, Concord, NH 03301 – 603-271-4427. Ask for Attorney Sharon Sibley, the woman in charge of the case or atty: Susan Brisson who’s pushing it in Court.

For those of you interested in the depth of my Notices you might want to Order a Certified Complete Copy of the case file. They might say they can’t release it cuz my kids names are in there .. but my youngest is 22, so that argument don’t hold water.

EMAIL me at

If you wish to investigate any of this,

and i will send you a release to get ALL the records.

Learn more at Stop Judicial Child Abuse

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In 2012, i tried to correct these and other wrongs done me through the New Hampshire House Redress Committee. Scroll to the bottom of that page to see how the Redress Committee voted 9 to 3 in my favor but then Democrats regained control and no-thing ever changed . . . FYI – that website is run by Tim Horrigan, one of those three . . .

This 2012 interview is with Kevin Avard, a State Rep on the

New Hampshire House Redress Committee i mentioned above

Kevin is now a NH Senator

Below is the Affidavit of Service on the package ‘i’ sent [Gov] Maggie Hassan to let her know she was responsible to train, monitor and discipline the [wo]man that did and continue to cause harm, injury and loss to ‘i’ 

#9 - - Served on NH Gov Maggie at 10;03am - July 15, 2016