2015 Gun Charge

I’m posting this on Black Friday 2017 to answer the FAQ’s about this event in my life and to make the papers ‘i’ did lay on the record available to all who seek said papers. 

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For what it’s worth, both the Video of the ‘Probable Cause Hearing’ as well as the Notices ‘i’ did lay on the ‘Court’ record an hour prior to the hearing are posted below.

In Summary:

  • ‘i’ was arrested during a routine traffic stop on 11 May 2015;
  • ‘i’ was charged that day and given a “Bail Hearing”;
  • bail was set at $5000 cash or surety;
  • ‘i’ made bail on the 13 May 2015;
  • a Probable Cause hearing was set for the following week;
  • my Law mentor suggested ‘i’ plead guilty on behalf of My person and claim ‘i’ the “man” had done no wrong, however, ‘i’ did not have enough confidence to try that;
  • the following video is of the only other hearing ‘in’ that case;
  • the following paperwork is a complete copy of that case file;
  • on 01 June 2015, the ‘case’ was ‘Nolle Pros’;

At least 20 other cases on the roster were “roll called” and all parties were in that court room for that hearing session. That court room was packed full of Police.y enforcers, DEFENDENTS and Defense Attorneys.

‘i’ did inform the Court this “case” had NOT been called out during ‘roll call’

The (MIB) “man in black” then walked in . . the ‘Court’ called this case first . . and 9 minutes later . . the MIB walked out . . ‘i’ then waited about 20 minutes and asked the Court staff “man” if ‘i’ could leave or if ‘i’ should wait for the MIB to return . . . BEFORE he could answer, 4 Police.y enforcers sternly stated (in chorus like Pitt Bulls) that ‘i’ had to wait . . the staffer “man” said he’d check and let me know.

The tension in the room grew very thick when said staffer “man” came back 5 minutes later and did inform me the MIB said ‘i’ was free to go

The MIB did eventually find ‘probable cause’ to forward the case to Dennis Hogan, the man acting as County Prosecutor at the time.

An assistant County Prosecutor “[wo]man” did “Nolle Pros” said ‘case’ about 2 weeks after that second hearing.

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The only other papers ‘i’ did with regards to this case were hand delivered to Dennis Hogan on 15 May 2015 to inform Denis that ‘i’ did require to exercise my Right to be fully heard before the Grand Jury and that ‘i’ may concurrently prosecute David Mara for Bearing False Witness against ‘i’ and my Person.

I’ve given several friends a copy of that letter for safe keeping but ‘i’ am not willing to make that letter public at this time.