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First of all, ‘i’ don’t claim to know a whole lot, but i do have my opinions as does everyone else, and those opinions are laid out within the pages of this site as well as on FaceBook at:

New Hampshire Redress
STOP Judicial Child Abuse
Common Law Shawmanism

. . and welcome if you’ve come here via my old websites
New Hampshire Redress
All States Organic Initiative

I’ve come to realize our beliefs change now and again as we clear our heads of the BS indoctrination of public schools and organized religions . . thus  . . all we’ll ever have is an incomplete opinion to which no man or group of “men” can hold any other accountable without consent less there be actual damages incurred by a Claimant in person – Face to Face – in a Court of Law.

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I believe it’s time for us all to stick together and freely exercise our
Rights of Conscience
to bring and end to tyranny

7d3af60b8063a153b143effafd70b66bWest Virginia State Bd. of Educ. v. Barnette [319 U.S. 642]

“If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion, or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein. If there are any circumstances which permit an exception, they do not now occur to us.” 

My Story

As a french kid living in Quebec Canada until my family moved to New Hampshire in the late 1960’s, ‘i’ hardly remember a day in my life that ‘i’ haven’t been in search of some form of redress; that search eventually lead me to the New Hampshire Constitution and to working with friends in the New Hampshire Legislature.

The Bill of Rights of New Hampshire is a trust document between the people as grantors and the Legislature as trustees… to violate any provision, especially a mandated provision such as “Part the First” Article 31 is to violate that “PUBLIC TRUST”, and the limitation of authority granted to said Legislature is clearly expressed in Article 38 of said “Part the First” for the “good administration of Government” which we see to be self evident in the (1776) unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America – – to secure the Rights of man . . the End

In 2012, as Redress Petitioner #28, ‘i’ did testify before the House Redress Committee and did soon realize the New Legislature had been neutered by members of the BAR association in the mid 1950’s. The Legislature no longer understood it’s authority to provide redress according to the mandates of Article 31 of the New Hampshire Bill of Rights.

Click Here to view the 2917 page Consolidated Petition Index which lists what appears to be well over 200,000 Petitioners that have been heard before the New Hampshire General Court from 1680 to 1819… the index is not yet completed … Petitions were heard as recently as the early 1950’s.

‘i’ set up the New Hampshire Redress website to educate the people about Constitutional Redress but no one seemed interested in 1) resurrecting the constitutionally secured authority of man over the legislative trustees … or … 2) the legislature/trustee’s limited authority to only form law which was “necessary for the good administration of government” according to Article 38.

My search for the foundations of redress kept my interest and ‘i’ did eventually realize said foundations were laid on the law common to man;

‘i’ believe by Right, no [wo]man wields more authority than the [wo]man aggrieved, moving a claim before an open ‘court of record’ in a ‘trial by jury’ of impartial peers in accord with the pre-constitutional common law/lore of “man” by his authority secured by way of the 9th Article of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Kevin Gus John



10 thoughts on “About Gus Breton”

  1. Thanks Gus, i know i am in the right place.

  2. Devin Peterson said:

    gus greetings, PayPal not cooperating. Please forward mailing address, will send money order. Thanks for your time, your commitment and patience helping fellowman. Be well.

  3. Jesus Disciple said:

    Shalom Gus, i am looking for the michigan child support remedy that would allow me to stop being robbed by them, and still stuck with the responsibility of taking care of my Daughter with additional monies, because my daughter’s mother is receiving less than half of what i am paying!

  4. Why aren’t you challenging the all caps, slave name? Karl has that on his site capitis dominitio maxima.

    You have a great video about persons on your site, you should use your persons against them, as you did for the gun charges, just adapted for persons, ie, my person is an idiot, my person does not decipher legal language, my person is not a BAR or legal society member, etc.

    They will be stuffed on jurisdiction then.

  5. Greetings Gus:

    i, a man: JT, wish aid and instruction that i may act as next friend for a man harmed by false claims (DUI Liquor, Las Vegas NV). The man requires leave of court to attend to his dying mother, (next appearance 9-11-17). He has not established his capacity as man. After securing leave, we wish to reset this complaint as a false claim by taking it back into private as a man, (he caused no harm), pursuing: order dismissal without prejudice (for honor), restoration of property (fines, court fees and ordered classes already paid), bill for compensation of orders fulfilled, etc. i love Karl’s work. This would be my first case (kind of a big one as the man is a close friend, don’t wish to harm my friend). i’m sure Karl is not available (could not find his contact info on his site). Do you consult for fee/donation? Failing that, can you refer us to other Karl follower’s? i don’t regard any other Common Law teachings. Again, initially we only wish to gain successful leave of court. That allows time to prosecute other stated wishes. Thanks In Advance, Godspeed, i, a man: JT

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