About Craig Lynch

 Check out the pearls of wisdom the man Craig Lynch has set aside for us on his YouTube Chanel;


Thank you Craig



15 thoughts on “About Craig Lynch”

  1. Thank you so very much

    I listen to Karl every nite before bed

    I am so grateful for you Craig making videos subjects easily found on videos

    This is awesome


    Cheers from Canada

    • Craig Lynch said:

      You’re welcome Pjay, I’m happy to do my part in sharing the best of Karl’s wisdom with the world. This type of good info is long overdue

  2. Craig, thank you for posting these videos. Do you have an email address you can provide for correspondence?

  3. Yes Craig, I wanted to know, is there any website I can go on to see samples of how to do Karl’s basic simple letters on how to write and setup an offense letter as well as a defense letter when your filing a claim (Suit) against the courts for false claims, any information would be greatly appreciated?

    Thank You

  4. i want to thank all of the men that contribute to karls show,i live and breathe this stuff ,and i cant get away from it ,my family and friends think i went off the deep end,none of them will talk to me anymore, but i know that some people know about all the scams going on, thanks craig

    ralph from pa.

  5. Karl has a brilliant mind, thank you , long may you live,

  6. Lawrence Berg said:


    You have made studying Karl Lentz take on common law more accesible than it would have been otherwise. Working 12 hour, round the clock shifts doesn’t allow me to be at my computer to listen to a 2 to 5 hour Talkshoe, which is difficult anyway. But with your short takes, organized by subject matter, i have been able to gain at least a basic idea of the subject by listening on my android, while at the same time monitoring the plant on a computer. Thanks so much. This must have been a monumental task.
    Lawrence sends
    Greetings from California
    A paradise to live in or see.
    But belive it or not,
    You won’t find it so hot,
    If you ain’t got the do re me..
    Woody Guthrie circa 1950

  7. nicholas said:

    craig, i also want to take the time to thank you. the breakdown of the audio helps get to the point. thanks brother, nicholas

  8. david wayne said:

    Hi Craig, please tell the fans, friends, and family of Karl and yourself that for those of us who now stand to FREEDOMS call – that FREEDOM must now be guarded against tyranny that seems inherent to democracy, and must be stood with the very same vigil as against communism a generation ago. The foe of FREEDOM now attacks from with in and if for a time this separates us from our loved ones in unusual ways then such is the cost.
    We who now stand FREEDOM’s Guard must each shoulder this burden to maintain their FREEDOMs and in my case must fight to restore the Republic…


  9. Craig,, These videos help me tremendously but Are there any sample letters and notices i can see to apply to my situation or any website i can go to.

  10. tim furston said:

    Firstly: i have listened to Carl’s broadcasts for several months
    Secondly: i wish to help my state of Indiana
    Thirdly: i am willing to learn/do what is necessary to help people
    Fourthly: thank you, craig, for all of your efforts

  11. Maleman said:

    Hi Craig,,
    I wanted to thank you for all the work you have done. The videos are very effective on how to understand common law.

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