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October 17th

will be my last “law” call for a while

We’ll cover 1) The Simplicity of Law

and 2) How to go Gray Rock in Court

from a moral and spiritual perspective

and 3) What happened to my old Talkshoe Episodes at 134084 

(see the Talkshoe emails below)

On Talkshoe 

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Episode 178  

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Here’s One Of the emails streams to Talkshoe
about the reinstatement of my original show 134084

Note: Both JC and Shon were CC’d by both me and Talkshoe

Let there be no doubt that from the beginning, both “JC” and “The Shaman” knew full well the deletion of my original Talkshoe was absolutely a mistake.
I’m glad to see that Talkshoe has updated their software to insure this won’t happen to anyone else.

Talkshoe October 6th, 2018

October Talkshoe email thread


Talkshoe’s October 16th email in re to reinstatement of my original show

Oct 16 email



Good News – Thursday November 15th
My old Talkshoe has been re-instated