Just watched a great documentary; not because I learned so much, but because it put so many pieces in their proper places, connecting the dots of many of my own conclusions. That said, and it being produced by Hollywood, makes me wonder if I’ve just bought the biggest lie ever, but I’ll leave that to you to conclude and to comment on below.

I hope one day, reluctant but willing people will get out of their comfort zones and speak up against the obvious BS we’ve put up with for so very long, . . before they are once again deceived by the next “Rich Man’s Trick”, setting them back into survival mode with no time to ponder the realities around them or promising them a “Great Reset” and making them lazier than ever.

I believe it’s critical that we make time to become informed, thus, despite the controlled opposition dis-info networks putting out so much Fake News, Movies and Articles and other things that greatly waste a diligent man’s time, i hope You still take the time to watch this entire video and become aware of much “self evident truth” shared therein.

Of Course – Viewer discretion is certainly called for: don’t watch this if you can’t stomach a good dose of reality, cuz the Illusion You Have been sold will likely be damaged beyond repair.

Video LINK: https://youtu.be/M8nE-8ctbTI