“This Plandemic is partially the most massive insider trading scam in history.
WHO benefits from destroying billions of peoples lives?
Follow the money to find those responsible.”

COMMENT: Dear Marty

thank you so much for informing us all about this whole corona hoax

i had real trouble understanding why you were suggesting this was a hoax in January already
could not match it with the facts i had available then and thought you had lost it
that put me in real stress,
having build trust in all you have shared & done,
compared to the cognitive dissonance occurring then

my insights only turned when finally itallian statistics on corona came out
confirming what you already suggested
this corona only taking down old aged and people with specified health issues

looking at Bill Gates, the German Face Body reader you shared was really interesting
especially when looking at his other analyses, not just Bill
when watching his wife, this really blew my mind : we should not overlook her influence …

REPLY: I have perhaps the best contacts than anyone can imagine. Sometimes they extend even beyond the capability of intelligence agencies. Lady Margaret Thatcher had once asked me what I knew about a secret installation being constructed underground in Russia. She knew the extent of our contacts.

What has emerged over the decades is that our clients come together from around the world with a common bond – a global thinking process. At our World Economic Conferences, they have become more like an annual university class reunion. It is hard to explain. People from all continents and countries come together in a real United Nations type of setting but motivated by personal survival rather than politics.

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