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Update: May 13th, 2020
. . . a great Article on Liberty by Thomas Mick

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Is America a Land of Law Abiding Citizens or Free and Independent People?

It has been an observation of mine throughout my adult life; most good people tend to pride themselves on being “law abiding citizens”. We obey every law, edict, court decision, Executive Order, and order from anyone that is vested with any level of authority. From dog catcher to President, every bureaucrat knows that good citizens can always be relied on to be good, faithful, and obedient; doing anything the bureaucracy demands of them or permits in the name of law. Law abiding citizens may protest unjust laws, but will still obey them until the authorities listen to their pleas and either change the law or abolish it. When government refuses to repeal or modify unjust laws, most people shrug their shoulders, complain about how politicians and lawyers are liars, and continue complying; fearful that if they don’t, those enforcing the laws will take everything they have or their life for resisting.

Increasingly since the Civil War, even the consideration of non-compliance of unjust laws has been abandoned; after all, good citizens are obedient citizens, aren’t they? The concept of non-compliance with tyranny is being considered again, but the People are still looking to their state government to lead the charge. As a People, we still have not returned to our revolutionary beginnings; individuals rising up despite the risks and saying no, in spite of what governments say or do. Sure, there will always be followers that will support the status quo, no matter how tyrannical or wicked it is, especially those that profit from the tyranny; liberty has never depended upon the majority or even necessarily a large minority, but individuals who are faithful to their Creator and defend the Rights endowed to them against those that would seek to abolish them. Remember, our Natural Rights are inherent; a part of our very being. Those that seek to destroy your ability to exercise or defend your Natural Rights, are attacking everything you are or ever hope to be.
All of our lives we have been trained, like dogs, to obey authority and do what we’ve been taught is legal with little consideration for what is lawful for the bureaucracy. The constitutions, state and federal, define the structure of and the powers the …..

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