Why are Gates & Fauci not being prosecuted for “Yelling ‘Fire’ in a Crowded Theater”? Who’s protecting them from immediate prosecution for self-evident crimes against mankind?


LINK:  What is this False Flag All About

“Anyone else find it weird that an un-elected official, a computer guy with no medical degree, seems to be the world’s leading health expert on the coronavirus, telling everyone what we need to do & when its safe to go back to normal?

It’s a little odd, that the same guy who led Event 201 just a few weeks before the first outbreak in China, where they had an exercise preparing & planning for a pandemic outbreak & can you guess what virus they chose for this “hypothetical” exercise? If you guessed the coronavirus you must be a psychic!

This is the same guy that’s going to profit the most from this virus with his vaccines he’s pushing on everyone. I can guarantee you right now they will make this a seasonal virus just like the flu, so they can profit off the vaccines every year.

In the past week, he’s been making the media rounds on CNN & other shows saying we can all gather again once we’ve all been vaccinated! In another interview, he said that you will need to provide a vaccination certificate to work & travel.

He also has a company called ID 2020 which will track everyone through microchips the size of a grain of rice that they inject into you with a needle. It will track everywhere you go & everything you do, but please don’t take my word for it, google ID 2020. This is not the future, they have already done it in some countries & even some workplaces.

No conflict of interest here, lol If people can’t see through the obvious bull shit then we’re all screwed!”



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