Feb 4th, 2020 – John Myser once again uses the public comment platform today to call out corruption with transcripts and police reports to support his allegations.

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Scott County Board of Commissioners: February 4th, 2020

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Transcript of Dec 2019 hearing

Jan 2020 Court Order


John states:

God uses that term person in 107 passages.  The challenge for me became, what does God mean by that term person?

Etymologizing the person, I got a man with a mask—a false face.

Person comes from greek prosopon and Latin Persona—both meaning mask.  If a man wears a mask, he is portraying or appearing as a fictional being.  Man can’t be a fictional being, but he can “appear” as it.

The lawyers know the term person is a man with a mask (see words and phrases), and a man with a mask conceals his identity, and portrays a false identity.  That is why in court you are summoned to “appear” as a man with mask, but people don’t know they are doing this because the fictional being has the same name as them.

Remember my presentation on Donald E Miller Jr., the most famous dead man alive?

That presentation proved his name was used to name two different beings, one alive and one dead.

God, is the God of the living, not the God of the dead, and in my opinion, a man wearing a mask, appearing in person, is a man alive portraying a dead fictional being, who is hiding his true nature from God.  giving life to the dead.

Scott County Prosecutor Ron Hocevar knows a man is not a person.  Ron knows it takes a man to appear as a person.  Ron knows lawyers “deem” a man a person, and the “act of deeming” is to take what you know to be false and treat it as if it is true, or visa versa, take what you know to be false, and treat the falsehood as truth.  It is evil in my opinion, and violates the 9th commandment.

I was in my 50’s before I figured this out, so yes I was deceived and didn’t know it.  The word person is used everywhere so colloquially.    I didn’t know what it really meant.  I didn’t have the key of knowledge as lawyers do.  Luke 11:52   See all the passages where God talks about Lawyers.  He doesn’t talk about commissioners or police officers that way.

I would be willing to meet for a cup of coffee or lunch and share what I learned from scripture that caused me to see the deception and the truth.

Again, Thank you for your interest,


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