John Myser’s going to court again today, Wed Jan 22, to further expose the fraud that there is no such thing as a person. He’s done a marvelous work so far and YOU have an opportunity to meet him today and watch him in court at 1pm.

Please . . show up and support my friend John, you won’t be disappointed.
The hearing will be at 1pm at:

Scott County Court House,
200 West Fourth St.
Shakopee, MN 55379

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The content of John’s defense is best described by yesterday’s email to the County Sheriff: 

Dear Sheriff Hennen,

I will be going to the same traffic court trial at 1:00 pm before Judge Vraa as I did on December 18, 2019.

I will be speaking in exactly the same manner as last time when the Bar Attorney Judge Vraa ruled I FTA’ed (failed to appear) in court while she looked at me.

Bar Attorney Ron Hocevar stated the reason she could FTA me was I didn’t understand the word “represent” myself in court when I spoke to her.

Oh yes I do understand the word…  I asked you sir; re-present myself as what in court?

I can present myself to you, but if I re-present myself, I am presenting myself as something else besides myself.  Just like an attorney re-presenting himself as the state of Minnesota, he is not what he re-presents, but he needs to be present to re-present himself. He is pretending or appearing to be something else.  Every notice I have gotten has instructed me to “appear as something”, not to be present as myself, but to come to court to re-present myself or appear as something else.  The trick is you didn’t know there was a something else, because both beings have the exact same name.  I know the trick now because I know their word game.

The Bar Attorneys are using semantics and word play to deceive people.  I am no longer deceived by their word play.  Because I am not deceived anymore, I speak truth when spoken to and I will not to lie when threatened to commit identity fraud by their word play.

I know what the words: “Appear, Appearance, Represent” and what they mean. They do not mean what you think or have been led to believe by Bar Attorneys.

I also know the difference between a man and a person, one is real and the other is a fiction.  The Bar attorneys know a person is a fictional entity and I can prove it with their own words in court cases from the year 1658 to 2020, 372 years, where Bar attorneys define their use of the term PERSON in court cases and take over 200 pages to define just that word PERSON!  Never once do they define a Person as a Man or a Woman in 372 years.  Yet you thought you were a Person.

I am exposing a fraud by speaking the truth and the Bar attorneys (judge and prosecutor) are trying to cover it up with lies and to shut me up-75 days in jail for a traffic ticket. Many of your own deputies, who took me into custody that day, shook their heads in disbelief, saying this type of infraction only ever gets a 100-200 dollar fine. Tomorrow the fine is only $200 if the Bar attorney proves his case.  Putting a man in cage for 75 days is cruel and unusual punishment for a traffic ticket worth $200.

I am always polite and respectful of my fellow man or woman, even when I have been abused and your deputies are misused against me by Bar Attorneys.

If you recall our previous conversation about my grave concern, Jeannie Anderson, Assist Scott County Bar Attorney, who called your deputy in advance to intimidate me in a public meeting as I spoke politely during a citizens hearing on property taxes.  You assured me it wouldn’t happen again.

I have always respected you and your deputies and my fellow man or woman.

I would like some protection in court today as I take an oath and expose this fraudulent word play game and two beings (one real and one fictional) both with the exact same name, used to deceive and to harm me.

Today, I get more than 5 minutes (public comment) to expose the deceit with truth.

Kind Regards,
John Myser