My good friend John Myser has been invited by another good friend Maria Rensel, to join the broadcast she does with her husband Bill and friend Chris Ripple (great guys) for the folks on Alaska.


The show/call will simulcast and be archived on my Talkshoe at Episode 196
Dial: 605-562-0444
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The Live show/call airs tonight at 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific and 7pm Alaska time

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John has a unique Biblical Court ‘strategy’ – Telling the Truth about the ‘man’, the attorney of record, appearing, the sin of origin, and much more, . . all of which i’ve watched him develop over the last 3 years.

“Who ever makes it; Owns it; Rules over it”

I’m excited John’s finally going to share this with y’all


The following is Maria’s email to the folks on Alaska about tonight’s show.


We have a special show this week in regards to discerning truth; our guest, John Myser has been down a path, not unlike many of us, in which he listened to and followed one guru or another but without really knowing if what he was doing was right;

i count myself blessed to have been introduced to John this week by our good friend Gus Breton and can’t wait to hear more about what he’s been doing;

The following is part of his introduction of himself and his thought process:

“I am someone who has been going on a journey to find the truth for 10 years to find a solution to where i have found myself lost and confused, hurt and harmed.

“I didn’t know i was deceived and mind-controlled.  Yet i tried and tried to find a solution in legal land, from this guru and that guru.  All good people, but mind-controlled and deceived too.  So i quit all gurus.

“So i quit following other gurus, blind leading the blind, and started with the truth, to unwind my own deception, a poorly programmed mind.  To transform my mind, so i could see the subtlety of deception inherent in my own good mind, beliefs that i held as truths, that were just unfounded beliefs, and not certain knowledge.

“I have heard the truth will set you free, from a very reliable source, an original source.  I took his word, and began to reprogram my mind.  I am not a guru either, so don’t believe me, I will share my path.

“Then you too can see if it is a path you wish to follow, so you don’t have to say, I believe John said so, but you see it, so you know so from a higher authority.”

Join us beginning this Wednesday night (Oct 16) 7pm Alaska time at:

605-313-5149  access code 772884#

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”
John 8:32

Lion 2

Attorney of Record Definitions – pg 1-4

Driver’s License Application

Driver’s License Instruction