Living in the Present

Both – – living in the past, and living too far in the future, destroy us with either regrets, or with procrastination as we’re overwhelmed by how far the future seems to be, however, if we look back and take inventory, we can see how we’ve made much progress and, how we made the most progress when we were open in our perceptions.

To live in the present we must first clear our heads of past failures/regrets and accept the lessons learned with gratitude and then rid our minds of everything that no longer serves us, and then . . we must open our hearts once again to our Creator and let it be filled with desires for His intent, and then, we must let that desire and intent become a large remarkable tree on the next ridge, across the valley, marking our way to the future He has in store for us.

When we look at that tree as the future and only focus on that tree to keep our bearings as we navigate the current terrain of our lives, we quickly learn to appreciate the present because we know it’s only temporary, and that better days are sure to come, and like a goat on a hillside, we only need to take one more good step forward, and then one more, and one more . . always in appreciation and always knowing every new challenge is a new opportunity to refocus and to renegotiate our travel plans from our newly found perspective.

Happy Trails,
~ Gus

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