If you support

Constitutional Carry,

Stand Your Ground,

De-Funding Planned Parenthood

and putting an end to having your

Social Security TAXED

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Pin County News 

AJ cohfgpy

I’m living in Pine City and these are my thoughts after reviewing the positions taken by Ayrlahn Johnson and Nathan Nelson on the issues that matter to me.

All in all, Ayrlahn Johnson’s willingness to articulate his views and to be held accountable to his word means a great deal to me. Nathan Nelson’s vagueness is the hallmark unaccountability.

I’m happy to see Ayrlahn Johnson’s stand for Constitutional Carry and to see he believe’s our Rights come from Our Creator, and was disappointed to learn Nathan Nelson believes our Rights come from the Constitution.

As for the Pro-life issue, I’m appreciate Ayrlahn Johnson taking the time to articulate his position and am disappointed to see Nathan Nelson’s taking such a vague position on such an important issue.

Ayrlahn Johnson believes in ending taxation on Social Security. He’s a bold fighter that we need at the capitol.

I fully support Ayrlahn Johnson and I trust him to secure my Rights and my Property, and to Restore the Heart of Minnesota. Please vote for him on March 5.

~ Gus Breton