Wed Feb 20th – 6pm Eastern – Live Q & A with Jessica Love about her beliefs Licenses and personal property issues

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Neither this call nor anything on this website is to be
misconstrued as
 any form of “LEGAL ADVICE”

Jessica (creator of Luv Java) believes Government licenses infringe on her right to practice her spiritual beliefs as a self governing moral individual

—- and I absolutely agree —-

West Virginia State Bd. of Educ. v. Barnette 

“If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion, or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein. If there are any circumstances which permit an exception, they do not now occur to us.” 

[319 U.S. 642


State Constitution – Bill of Rights

[Art.] 4. [Rights of Conscience Unalienable.] Among the natural rights, some are, in their very nature unalienable, because no equivalent can be given or received for them. Of this kind are the Rights of Conscience.
June 2, 1784

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I’ve been free traveling for almost 10 years after my license was suspended. I’ve been pulled over twice before and got away with right to free travel, betting pulled over on private property, and jurisdiction arguments

My car isn’t registered and my plate belongs to a different car. On 1.13, I was pulled over for a headlight out and released on recognizance with charges of driving without license, misuse of plates, and resisting arrest… because I sat on the ground and told them I don’t acknowledge their authority or consent to their system of violence

This time, I couldn’t access the jurisdiction paperwork within the necessary first 3 days to cancel the ticket contracts. I decided that my time and moving on with my life was more important than picking this particular battle with Statism. Today, I found out the charge wasn’t driving on a suspended but merely not having a license present. They offered to reduce the resisting arrest misdemeanor to a simple violation, reduce the $620 fine to $124, and toss the other 2 charges. They didn’t even care about all of the twisted papers and plates. That means that if I get stopped again, it will still be like the first time yet again

In all, over almost a decade, my non compliance cost me 3 court appearances of a couple hours each and less than $500, most of which went to the impound lot this last time. I’m so happy to have chosen this path ❤


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