Live Chat on Wednesday January 30th and on February 6th

You’re invited to call in and share your comments, questions and concerns as we again do our part on Wednesday night to “Free The People” tonight with Maria and Chris or on the February 6th “Liberty Through Christ”  call with Peter and Eric

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Inpower Liability Action Overview

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Pay attention

this in not on my 184084 channel

These wonderful folks have recently started their own proper calls in Alaska and New Jersey/Pennsylvania respectively, so carefully check the details below for each show.

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Wednesday January 30th

Free The People” = show ID = 303-5044 #

at 11pm Eastern – 8pm Pacific
7pm Alaska time


Wednesday February 6th

 “Liberty Through Christ’s Law” = show ID =  1512405 #

at 8pm Eastern – 5pm Pacific
4pm Alaska time


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1) Dial (605) 562-0444
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Details for Jan 30th

Join Chris and Maria as they discuss Common Law, current events and local Alaskan stuff, like EPA banning wood stoves…in Alaska…you can’t make this stuff up!

also, we’re hoping to hear from the man who wrote the papers that led to “Dismissal with prejudice” in an IRS complaint (in late 2018);

we’ll also talk about the U.S. State Department led coup d’etat of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, that countries “National Assembly” and the reasons countries around the world are taking sides;

if time we’ll also get in to the efforts and paperwork by the good folk at inPower Movement (see attached Notice of Liability–adaptable to many situations where agents exceed lawful authority);

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Details for Feb 6th

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