With much gratitude, I wrote to Reggie this morning about the wonderful journey life is.

Doing so caused me to reflect on things I had not yet had enough clarity to share . . then i shoveled snow and did much around the barn in 5 degree weather and continued to ponder these things, so, with a little more clarity, I decided to gather my thoughts and post them here for y’all in hopes of helping you on your journey.

 . . so . . I offer the following

I’ve learned to not hold on too tightly; that in due time, I’m going home to the source of my Peace; that anything that comes and goes from my life is only meant to keep me on track with my purpose, which is what allows me to hold onto my Peace.

I believe much insight can be acquired thru daily meditation as it appears to be the best way to receive my “daily bread” (Jer 31:31-34) . . thus, I follow and trust the source of My own Peace and I no longer seek to define the source of said Peace, but have alternately chosen to submit myself to the source thereof, and to do what I can to let go of all else, for in the end, I believe I will have nothing to hold onto but that Peace itself . . or rather, that said Peace will be the only thing (left holding me) for me to ‘lean on’.

This discovery process has caused me to become more of a connector than a judge. I follow my own path and have learned not to judge the paths taken by others . . thus, I’ve created my websites, blogs and talkshoes as a resource for others, to help them follow/define their own journeys.

This “submitting” has caused me to ‘let go’ of many anchors as well as to connect, disconnect and reconnect with people, family and friends as our paths happen to cross from time to time.

I wish y’all the best and thank you for your patience, and for all I’ve gained from being allowed to participate in your journeys.

Namaste and thank you,

~ Gus