What a great man.
Click HERE to read about Ralph . . a man that inspired me.

Ralph was someone i looked up to . . someone who fought the system and made a difference . . now it’s our turn to set things right again the way he did.

I wrote him about 6 years ago about his book “Treason” – I was looking for more copies and he wrote back to me with an invitation to call and say hi . . and I had opportunity to chat with him for about 40 min.

The following is an excerpt from the article.

“Boryszewski’s fate hinged on what he meant by “silent consent of public officials.”

He explained: “We have silent consent whenever public officials ignore complaints, suggestions and ideas for the betterment of government, and when people, in turn, stop their complaints, suggestions and ideas…because they quickly sense it is futile.”

“Silent consent,” he added, “is a disease of modern society that can be controlled only from the top of the spectrum of leadership.”

His words roused the audience to its feet in applause, an ovation that had an encore when the adjudicator declared Boryszewski innocent.”