The 1812 ORIGINAL/missing 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America was fully Ratified in December 1812 upon the New~Hampshire Legislature’s approval it. It was published in hundreds of articles and law books for another 60 years and then Vanished without a trace.

Published as LAW by the United States and the Several states from 1813 to the late 1870’s and then . . . pooooof . . . gone . . Why ? ? ?

If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.

The Screenshot below is of the

1876 Compiled Laws of Wyoming

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The Compiled Laws of Wyomings

The next 2 links are to books that were published by a congressional order of the United States of America


 See Volume 1, Page 74

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1825 – Military Laws of the United States: To which is prefixed the Constitution of the United States

See page 16

I believe from the sheer amount of Volume in the printing of this Amendment for 60 years in Various Law books, that it most certainly ratified dispute the supposed “missing papers” from Virginia.

Other than the unearthing of the original letters sent from Virginia to the rest of the States tell of Virginia’s ratification of the 13th, the most telling evidence of it’s ratification would come in the form of 13th Amendment Case Law from various Courts from 1812 to the early 1860’s.
I would like to see pressure put on “The People of the Commonwealth of Virginia” to produce the original evidence of it’s ratification or denial thereof as well as it’s 1811 letters to the other States Legislatures indicating Virginia’s position on this amendment.
The controversy began to brew when Esquire John Quincy Adams’ cleverly reported to the US Congress in 1818, a vague representation of Virginia’s ratification (item 17 below) process which had been more exhaustive than both Connecticut’s (item 15) and South Carolina’s (item 16).
Whereas John Quincy Adams’ citizenship and livelihood as an Esquire where in jeopardy, it’s easy to see how so many of the original Virginia evidence found in the minutes of State’s such New~Hampshire’s Journals of the House of Representative for June 1813 . . was ignored.

If Esquire John Quincy Adams’ 1818 report (seen below) was conclusive, then why did the United States include the Original 13th in their 1825 Army Field Manual of the Laws of the United States?

. . . and why did Connecticut, which voted against this amendment print it year after year in it’s own Statutes Books year after year?

A Century of Lawmaking

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Pictured below are some of the book that can be found at the Connecticut State Repository which contain the Missing 13th Amendment.


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