SIT – STAND or “Take a Knee” ?
Really ?

For years, due to a controversy that boiled within, I made myself scarce during Pledge/Anthem events, but I no longer plan to do so now that I’ve taken the time to gain new insights into the words instead of being so focused on the BS cycle of mindless indoctrination I got at school about “Democracies”.

It’s unfortunate I wasn’t taught the true nature of these things in school, but then the replacement of critical thinking with mindless indoctrination is almost complete since they gutted the Bill of Rights of so many States in the late 50’s. See New Hampshire’s original “Article 6” before it was gutted in 1958.

The Pledge is to the “Flag” (jurisdiction) of the united States of America and it’s Republic – NOT to the “UNITED STATES” DEMOCRACY . . !!!!!!

It’s not a pledge to DEMOCRACY (mob rule) but to the Republic (individual rights). A Republic is as close to personal freedom and self-governance (Anarchism) as any social contract will ever be.

The American National Anthem is about the ideals of this Republic and the Fight and Perseverance (the blood, sweat and tears) it took to establish those ideals.

It’s unfortunate that so many “men” who mindlessly repeat those words have so little fight left in them to stand up to the threat of DEMOCRACY within this Republic . . . but  then what are we to expect from “men” who go to “Church” at a 26 USC 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Corporation controlled by the likes of the IRS who threaten to put them out of business if they do not respect the “Separation of Church and State” . . LMFAO

Men who prefer to watch endless Sports or Bass Fishing and who prefer to drink beer or do drugs, and to otherwise numb them selves and kiss Gov ass to keep their chains at any cost to avoid all responsibilities to be Fathers and to educate their issue (kids) about life, respect and what we use to call The American Way


Due to this internal conflict, I had chosen years ago not to associate myself with such clueless wonders, and even though it tears me apart to know most “men” continue to chose ignorance, I now chose to stand alone in their midst in support of My beliefs, cus I do stand for This Republic and against its DOMESTIC enemies.