All Criminal reports and relevant updates with regard to the Extortion committed in My Child Support Case are now and will continue to be upload HERE.

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Update: Extortion

First is the Criminal Report ‘i’ did send to County Prosecutor Dennis Hogan and Sheriff James Hardy. Click HERE or on the picture to View or Download any thing you see here.

#200 - Dear Dennis - Served - small

Second is Dennis’ response – his lame attempt to avoid responsibility

#26 - Hogan's Scapegoat letter

Third . . on page 7 of the next PDF, is my message to Dennis about his lame attempt to protect the wrongdoers which is part of the package ‘i’ “man” did send by Registered Mail to Federal Marshalls David L. Cargill Jr. on New~Hampshire and to Sharon Lubinski on Minnesota in hopes of assistance to secure My right to the quiet enjoyment of life, liberty and freedom from the woman Nancy Abbott and others who collude and conspire to cause harm, injury and loss to ‘i’ and My Person by way of [case] “656-2016-DM-00376”

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Message to Sharon and David