The following was written as a Notice in the Word Nerdz Skype group/room. I’ve tried to adjust it so it makes more sense in this blog, but it’s 2:30 am and I’ve already done my quota for the the day so you’ll have to take it as it is 🙂


I OFTEN get comments from new people about the diversity of info going thru the Word Nerdz Skype group/room and how it often appears contradictory.

I know new folks desperately want it all to be smooth and consistent – so to the many of you that comment on this, i offer the following;


Dear new guy,

i know you seek Excalibur, the mighty Sword of Justice in common law to gain instant wisdom to the critical issues you NOW face, but . . . Coming here demanding or expecting those kinds of concise answers to YOUR specific situation is like going to the hardware store looking for an ACME DIY Tornado Shelter Kit.

“Common Law” is a lifestyle you build just like you do a tornado bunker . . . you live it and breathe it day in and day out til your done . . , even on the sunny days, cuz you never know when the big one’s gonna hit.

So here’s a head up – – – > Those folks that have been here for 2 or 3 years are all mixed in here with you new guys that have only heard a couple hundred or so hours of Karls ORIGINAL Talkshoe Episodes.

This (Skype) IS where it all  starts for every one . . . I believe some of the folks that taught me are still in this group. It’s like anything else, it’s all repetition. You do it til it hurts your head, til you’ve exhausted your mind and then you come back in a day, a week or a month and resume your workout.

FOR NOW — Just know that the answers you seek are simply NOT available to YOUR understanding because of YOUR current mindset. You’re going to have to unearth the foundations of your understanding and unlearn a lot of stuff before you’re able to hear what is actually being said herein. Your OLD knowledge will confuse you if you try to blend these new insights with the old. Just put the old stuff aside for a minute and let the new stuff come in without it being immediately polluted by your old assumptions.

. . but even then . . No ONE will ever be “on point” all the time for YOU .. It’s up to you, the seeker, to weed through all that is herein, AND all the Karl Lentz audios that you may come to your own understanding.

No Joke – – This Skype group is only here to make sure your mind keeps spinning until you are become certain you have buried each new piece as YOUR new foundation.

The advantage of having so many different folks here with such a variety of preexisting experiences is that when you finally re-gain your balance … no one will ever be able to off-set you again because you’ll have already considered and compared THEIR position to your and to many other folks a hundred times more than they have.

Remember; a man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with a theory.

If you stick around long enough, you will learn to dance to your own music . . . just stick to the basics and don’t give up,

~ Gus