If Independence, Liberty and Freedom from Government intrusion are so important, WHY is it so difficult for ‘man’ to seek redress through “Court” WITHOUT an attorney?
Law says – thou shalt not steal 
Law says – go forth, multiply and have dominion …
Pretty simple Black and White stuff really, yet we allow Government, which exists solely to secure the rights of ‘man’, to justify their existence by the creation of GRAY areas where certain Persons are allowed to steal from others and ‘man’ is punished for collecting rain water or growing food on his own front lawn.

If the “Courts” are the only lawful way to seek redress for the harm, injury or loss caused to ‘man’ by way of these GRAY areas, then shouldn’t the knowledge of How To Move a – ‘court of record’ – be taught in public schools?

Why is it that a ‘man’ or ‘woman’ with a high degree of education can’t even figure out all the BS involved in the fundamental process of Redress through these “Courts”?

WHY is it OK for the LEGAL SOCIETY to monopolize these “Courts”?

This is what we MUST learn to do as ‘man’ without TITLE or representation if we are to regain our Right to the quiet enjoyment life (happiness).

. . . and .. By The Way .. If we are going to seek the passage of “Right to Work” statutes, shouldn’t the LEGAL SOCIETY be the first ones to surrender THEIR monopoly?

— Just sayin’ — why do we put up with being monopolized by way of the complexity of the GRAY system when Law is, has and always will be so Black and White?

How long will we continue to put up with the creation of more GRAY area in our lives?