In about May 2014, as a way to free up my time,  I created the Word Nerdz Skype “group” to help connect people who wish to study common law.

There are many other common law Skype Study groups like Word Nerdz that you can join if you wish to meet other folks in your area or simply wish to share your ideas, but this ‘Word Nerdz Skype Group’ is the one I keep an eye on to make sure the conversation remains productive.

I’ve written the following to give you insight into this groups conversation.

#1 – WE ARE HERE Solely to discuss Common Law According to Karl and Out Of Respect for everyone here, anyone sharing other “Stuff” is likely to get booted Without Warning. I don’t get paid to monitor this room, thus i refuse to make time to do so and as such I DO NOT give second chances when I do finally get a chance to review the history of the group.

#2 – Be Concise: Your dialogue reflects the level of your study, commitment and the depth of your understanding .. thus .. IF you DO post Herein .. You are expected to be Brief and to the Point .. None of us want to read extensive amounts of Information or Opinions.

#3 – DO NOT ADD anyone to this group, i will add new people after i’ve seen them write. This is an advanced community room for folks with a hundred PLUS hours of Karl’s Talkshoe audios in their heads – these can be found here .. If you’re already in this group and have not yet studied to this extent, then OUT OF RESPECT for those who have, please either remove yourself .. or .. refrain from posting until you’ve made the time to work your way through at least 30 of these full length audios .. meanwhile,  PLEASE post your comments in other groups until you’ve made the time to get caught up.

#4 – to be added to this or another group, contact me at “Gus.Breton”

Thank you,

~ Gus