~ It’s All For The Jury ~

Cause i believe in the end, no one else matters; All Controversy, will ultimately be decided by some kind of court if not settled privately… SO …  why would THEY (wrongdoers) want to settle privately? What motivation do THEY have to NOT just ignore you?


The best way for THEM to avoid future liability is to settle a matter privately … but THEY usually choose to ignore you and hope you go away.

I believe THEY will ignore you until you create massive liability by way of a paper trail ….

So … assuming your rights are being interfere[d] with,  how do you create said liability?

I believe an effective way to do so is by relentless letter writting to BOB, and then to BOB’s supervisor, and then to the department head [wo]man, and then to the City/Town Admin [wo]man and to the County Commissioner [wo]mans, etc … etc … (Attorney Gen, Secretary of State, Gov)

Making sure many get CC’d to create the biggest paper trail of liability you can… every 5 – 10 days.

Why? …. To show how you acted in “good faith”, with “clean hands” to settle a said controversy privately.

THEN … when you have no choice but to SERVE them with  “Notice: Fair Warning” of your intent to seek compensation for the accrual of actual loss, you’ll have all that paper to show the Jury how you acted “in good faith”, AND with “clean hands”

So keep the letters VERY VERY VERY simple …. one subject and purpose only, per letter, so as to not confuse the Jury that will eventually read those letters (and would rather be fishing, shopping, skiing or camping).

When THEY (wrongdoers) see the paper trail being created … THEY will “shit a pickle” ….

because the liability you are creating is private… man to man … and becomes a much greater personal liability than the (career) liability of pissing off a few BAR member friends/associates.

SO…. until you create that “personal liability” which exceeds the existing “proffessional/career liability”  … don’t expect an answer to your letters or any results from THOSE folks that are quite content to ignore you…. and “your issues”