Learn the history of words and what they really mean and  or you will never know what is really going on around you.

For example, click on the following words to see if you know their history, what these words really mean and the difference between their use as a verb, noun, adjective, pronoun etc… claim, nice, argue, smart, require, trespass, wrong

Are you before Court, at court or in COURT ?

What’s the difference between using ALL UPPER CASE, all lower case and Mixed Formats.

I believe the reason most people get frustrated and move on is because they only wish to know the magic words and the proper techniques (templates) on how to use them, they are not willing to implement a change of attitude to create a lifestyle change.

There is nothing new under the sun; I listen to Karl’s audios to (98%) absorb his attitude and (2%) to learn and grasp new ideas or technique.

I agree knowing right and wrong WORDS is very important which is why I’ve given you most of the important ones throughout this website … but when it comes to technique… 98% of your effort will be spent in understanding the last 2% of what needs to be done.

Click on the word PERSON to read about the most important concept for a man to acquire if he is ever to be free of man’s opinions; learn the difference between man and person…. then learn the difference between the nature, character and reputation of each and you be well on your way to a new perspective.

Compare the following until you can teach the difference to another man.

words vs. terms (Webster’s vs. Black’s)
claim vs. complaint
require vs. request
man aggrieved vs. petitioner, claimant
notice vs. motion, pleading, petition
interfere vs. interference
wrongdoer vs. defendant, respondent

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