(Listen to Episode 39 about 3 minutes)

i believe “LAW” is at times a common opinion, and at other times an “Ecclesiastical”, “Legislative”, “Sharia” or “Admiralty” opinion … and i agree with the people of New Hampshire that at all times, these opinions are only valid when “necessary for the good administration of government” (see Article 38 of the New Hampshire Bill of Rights), a government which exist to secure the Rights of ‘men’ (see: The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America) and to protect/preserve property (rights are property)

I believe [319 US 642] these opinions can not legitimately be forced upon man without each man’s individual consent. For further study on “Beliefs vs. LAW” see Jeremiah 31:31-36 to understand the roots of New Hampshire’s Bill of Rights, Article 4 “Rights of Conscience” (the basis of the entire 1st amendment to the U.S.A. Constitution)

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