After much pondering last night about a man going to court this morning over some BS ticket, i pondered much and concluded my current beliefs on common law as follows:


Question: How do you plead..?


~     Prepared Written Answer     ~

i, man, do no wrong but the PERSON may be guilty; if YOU cause said PERSON to accrue any injury or loss, YOU will harm the man and the man may seek compensation; Is there a man present to testify to the contrary?

If the plaintiff claims i, man, cause the accrual of any actual loss, i require a verifiable bill for any debt which the plaintiff believes is true, [post]due and owing that i may now settle any controversy .

If at this time, if no man says i do wrong and no verifiable bill be before the court, i require this matter discharged forthwith.


To speak with voice is to novate and face contempt


Be sure to get ALL “ORDERS” of any sort in written form, signed by the man making the order so you may be compensated for completing said orders.

can these simple concepts be taught? i believe they can

I also believe the solution to rapidly reducing rogue government is to inform the populace of the common law authority they have as a man to hold liable any man ACTING in the capacity of a PERSON for any harm done under color of law.

Teaching These Ideas Is Much Hard Work

If you promote some “Silver Bullet” YouTube solution to those that are in denial of any responsibility they have to the rest of us to learn common law, then you’re part of the problem. I hope you reconsider the way you chose to influence the lazy entitled people that “just want it all to just go away” and help us to teach the law common to man as the foundation of justice.

It’s Time To Put The Big Boy Pants On

i hope you have the heart to join us

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Check out Simon Sinek

“First why and then trust”